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A pure homogeneous substance will exhibit very specific properties such as melting or boiling points. These properties will be consistent in their results every single time if the substance is truly pure.

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Checking of purity is made by chemical analysis.

Melting point (a pure substance will melt at a certain temperature);

Purity of a substance is evaluated by chemical analysis.

Yes. Carbon is an element, which is a homogeneous pure substance. It is not, however, a homogeneous mixture, which is not a pure substance.

The purity of a substance is determined by chemical analysis.

Yes. Water is a homogeneous (pure) substance.

Homogeneous can it be used as one substance

Sugar is a compound, which is a homogeneous substance, but not a mixture.

If the distillate alcohol is flammable what does it tell you about the purity of the substance?

Usually by chemical analysis depending on the substance.

yes a collloid is a homogeneous

homogeneous have same substance in mixture.heterogeneous have two different substance.

Quartz is a homogeneous substance. It is the compound silicon dioxide, SiO2.

No, it is a homogeneous substance.

homogeneous- it's a pure substance

There are many factors that can affect the purity of a substance. Substances are considered impure if anything is added to them.

If you melt the HCl, and it melts at the proper melting point for HCl, then it is a pure substance. If not, it has been mixed with something else, which has altered the purity of the HCl.

CO2 is a pure substance and so is homogeneous. Hint: if it has a chemical formula then it is a pure substance.

Not a substance, it is a pure compound. Each crystallic particle is pure NaCl, homogeneous

Sulfur is an element and therefore a homogeneous substance.

Pure argon gas is a homogeneous substance.

Acetylene is a pure substance so it is homogeneous.

A homogeneous substance is the same throughout. So, a bar of pure gold, a diamond, pure water, saline water (water with salt dissolved in it) and nitrogen gas are all homogeneous, as they consist of the same substance(s) throughout. In other words, they are regular.So, you could say that a homogeneous substance is a puresubstance.

The difference between a homogeneous mixture and a pure substance is that a pure substance has a fixed composition and cannot be separated because it is chemically bonded and a homogeneous mixture can be separated.

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