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Environmental degradation is when the natural environment is compromised in one way or another. To check for this, look for pollution or depletion of resources.

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Q: How do you check environmental degradation?
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What is the link between resources and envronmental degradation?

Resources is directly proportional to Environmental Degradation. When consumption from resources is high Environmental Degradation is high. When Consumption from Resources is low Environmental Degradation is low.

Write a project work about industrial pollutant and environmental degradation?

write a project work about industrial pollutant & environmental degradation

What are the Methods evolved to measure and check environmental degradation?

carbon credit, carbon footprint, ecological footprint and ecological shadow

Is environmental degradation a national issue?

of course it is!!!! If the issue of environmental degradation is not dealt with seriously, then it will not be a miracle when the Maldives will no more be seen on the world map!!!!

Where can someone find out information about environmental degradation?

Information on environmental degradation can be found online on the Global Policy website, from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and from the National Institute for Educational Development (NIED).

How are industrial pollution and environmental degradation related?


What are the solutions to environmental degradation?

try to learn respect!

What is history of environmental degradation?

history of environmental degradation lasts when the thought of development might have come into the minds of people and they started exploiting it in the name of development for their selfish uses.

What is the three-factor model of environmental degradation and pollution?

ED=P x A x T, where ED is environmental degradation, P= population size, A= affluence, T = technology.

Advantage sand disadvantages of environmental degradation?

i am trying to find

A major cause of environmental degradation in developing countries is?


What are the steps to prevent environmental degradation?

There are a number of steps to prevent environmental degradation. This should start with avoiding any form of pollution to the environment and adopting green living so as to conserve the environment.