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The only way to check for microwave leaks is to check it with an radiofrequency radiation (RFR) probe, which are very expensive and require technical training to operate.

Unless the microwave, and especially the door, have noticeable damage you can be very confident that exposure is very negligible and that no adverse health effects will come of it. As an added precaution, it is smart to stay several feet away from the microwave while it is cooking, since radiation levels drop sharply with increased distance.

You can buy a leakage detector for $40. Please note that these detectors are not certified by any government regulatory agency and therefore the manufacturer can make any claims they want - similar to the claims seen on "supplements" sold at the drug store.

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Q: How do you check for a radiation leak in a microwave?
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A microwave leak detector can be used to check what?

Leakage of microwave radiation past the door seal in a microwave oven.

A microwave leak detector is used for what?

Leakage of possibly harmful microwave radiation from an operating microwave oven due to damaged door seals etc.

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Which microwave ovens output the least amount of dangerous rays?

A new microwave having a label stating that is meets FDA standards for minimal radiation leakage is the safe choice and will leak the least amount of microwave radiation. You can also protect yourself by not leaning against a microwave while it's operating, and not using a microwave with a door that does not close firmly.

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A microwave heats food by radiation No, a microware works with microwaves, not radiation.

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Yes, microwave ovens use electromagnetic radiation.

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A microwave oven generates microwave radiation, which is a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Links can be found below for more information.

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Microwave radiation.

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