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Depending on what school you went to there is usually a website where you can access that information under your student profile. You can also request your transcripts.

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Q: How do you check my college credit hours?
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Do ceu's count as college credit hours?

No, they do not meet the requirements for college credit.

How much is 9 college credits in hours?

9 credit hours.

What college degree is there if you have thiry-six college credit hours?

areospace engineer

How many college credits does wv require to get a ba degree?

Depending upon the course you select, this could range from 128 to 138 college credit hours. This is inclusive of the general education credit hours plus major credit hours.

How many college credits is 900 hours?

20 "3 credit hour"classes. Three class hours equals 45 credit hours.

How many credits in 256 academic hours?

Depends on who is asking. Most universities count 15 credit hours per credit. The state of PA allows 30 continuing education hours per college credit.

How many hours are in a one college credit?

1.0 or 1.5 unit college physical education courses = 2.5 high school credits; 3-5 unit non-degree applicable (NDA) college coursework = 5 high school credits; 3-5 unit degree applicable (UC/CSU transferable) college coursework = 10 high school credits.

How many credit hours does a college junior typicaly have?

about 65 to 90 hrs

How many hours can you take in one semester?

Most college/university students take about 12 credit/hours.

If you have 45 hours in college are you a sophmore?

The classification of being a sophomore in college is typically based on the number of credit hours completed, rather than the number of hours spent in college. The specific number of credit hours required to be considered a sophomore may vary among different institutions. In general, it is safe to say that with 45 college credit hours, you are likely in your sophomore year of college.

What grade level of college are you with 46 hours?

Consider that a full time student takes a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester, with minimum two semesters per year. That equals 24 credit hours per year, 48 in two years. So, a college student with 46 credit hours is still a sophomore. A different perspective puts a 46 hour student as a Junior (30-50 credit hours).

What is the definition of freshman student in college in details with the number of credit hours?

For institutions operating on semesters, a freshman-level student is an individual with 30 or less credit hours.