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How do you check your voicemail on a Metro phone?

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Hold down number 1. Or you call the company because there because there is a pw you have to enter in order for you to set up your voice mail.

2006-09-23 09:34:42
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Can you get a new password or change your voicemail password for a Metro PCS Cell Phone?

yes, go to a corparate Metro store with your I.D. and they will reset you voicemail for free.

Phone Number to check credit on orange phone?

It is 453 and it is 123 for voicemail.

What is the proper way to check my voicemail on my verizon phone?

From your phone you should see an icon that says you have a voicemail. On most phones you should just be able to have your phone go to voicemail, and it will allow you to hear any messages you have.

How do you check your voicemail on your pantech p7040p phone?

dial 1 and call

How do you get your messages from voicemail on your home phone?

you call your cell phone number on your house phone and then when you get to your voicemail then press # if that doesnt work press # and * and then it will say put in ya password and you will be able to check your voice mail on your phone.

What is visual voice mail?

visual voicemail is a voicemail that you can check on the screen of your phone without putting it to your ear and listening. its really simple to do also, without the time of regular voicemail :-)

How do you reset a metro Android phone?


Will police leave a voicemail on your phone?

It is possible that police will leave a voicemail on your phone.

Name something you can check on your cell phone?

time voicemail email date texts

How do you retreive your voice messages from a metro pcs phone using landline?

Call your cell phone from the landline. When it diverts to voicemail, press the # key on your landline and follow the simple instructions

Is it possible to retrieve deleted voicemails on a metro pcs phone?

If you deleted a voicemail message at an earlier date, you should call your service provider for details on retrieving a deleted voicemail message. If your service provider cannot offer assistance, consider usingrecovery softwareto retrieve deleted voicemail messages.

How do you check your voice mail on a vtech phone?

One can call their own number to get to their voicemail on a Vtech phone. There also may be a code or another number one has to call to get to their voicemail. One usually has to also enter a password.

What is pin for phone?


Is ther a default code for metro pcs voicemail BOX?

its 9999

Can you trade in your old lG metro phonne for and new phone?

check your answer

How can you add t-netix to your metro pcs phone?


How can you check if a cell phone is in use when you get no answer?

If a cell phone has call waiting then it will ring for a few times and then go to voicemail, sometimes there will be a busy signal, other times it will take you straight to voicemail. It just depends on if the cell phone has call waiting and how busy their number is. If there are more than one person trying to call a number at the same time you will most likely get a busy signal. If a cell phone is turned off or dead it will go straight to voicemail until it gets turned back. The cell phone will have no record of the phone call in their phone log unless a voicemail was left.

How do you pay your metro pcs bill by check?

Help me I can't get to a person on the phone to pay my bill with a check

Why is the voicemail phone number different from my cell phone number?

Usually, the voicemail number is when you press the number1 and I do not know why, but that is just how it works.

Metro pcs voicemail number?

Click on the link below for more information.

What can you can check on your cell phone?

With the advent of smartphones, there is virtually nothing you cannot check. You can check the time, your voicemail, emails, the date, appointments, weather reports, latest news and so on.

what do I dial to retrieve voice mail messages?

If you're trying to access voicemail for your cellphone its typically your own number. If you start to hear your voicemail greeting hit either * or # (depends on the carrier) and follow the prompts. If you are trying to check the voicemail for a land line contact your phone company. These numbers can vary based on location and phone company.

How do i receive notice of a phone call with voip phone service?

VoIP has voicemail function which allow the caller to leave message if you are not available on phone. You can access voicemail through your phone connected to internet.

How do you get your messages from the voicemail?

Check Wikipedia and read about their Voicemail article.

How much does it cost to turn a metro phone on with Metro PCS?

It costs $50.00 to turn a metro phone on with metro pcs.