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You can't.

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Q: How do you choose the gender of the baby?
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Can you choose the gender of your baby on my tribe?

no you cannot

How do you have a boy baby on sims 2 PC?

You can not choose the gender, you get what the game gives you.

On the sims 3 can you have a baby on the phone?

If you mean by adopting a baby, then yes you can. You can also choose what age and gender your adopted kid is. you can also have 1

How can you have a baby girl on the sims lifestories?

Actually, you can have a girl baby. I have the game and i had 2 girls. I'm not sure if you can choose the gender but you CAN have a girl! hope this helps!

How do you get a baby boy in harvest moon island of happiness?

You don't get to choose what gender your child is. (P.S. I got a boy!)

Can you choose the gender of your baby if you are already pregnant?

No. The person who choses the gender of the baby is the guy. Why? Because it depends on how much sperms the male puts in the female,if the male puts alot it will come out as a girl and if it's alittle bit of sperms the sex of the baby will be a boy.

Can you pick the gender of your child in Harvest Moon Island of Happiness?

No. The gender is randomly set before the baby is even born. There is no way to change it.

What is a typical baby shower gift?

A great gender neutral gift for a baby is an afghan or blanket. Choose a color like purple or green, or if you are making it yourself do a rainbow colored blanket. Another idea is a couple of baby toys- Leapfrog is a great brand and their toys are gender neutral.

What is the baby's gender and name?

The baby is what the baby is

What is a disadvantage of analysing chromosome number and the genetic sequences in the amniotic fluid allowing the doctor to diagnose the gender of the baby as well as any genetic disease in the baby?

Because the parents might choose to abort a baby that isn't of the preferred gender (if the parents wanted a boy they might abort a fetus that is a girl).

Where can you adopt a baby on sims3 ambitions?

Use a phone, and call for services and adoption service. They will come over and you will be able to choose gender and age.

How do you have a boy on the Sims 3?

If your sim has a baby, it is completely random. If you adopt, you can choose the gender. Or when you are creating your sims you just click on the male sign