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Fixed Assets.

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Q: How do you classify leasehold improvement in the balance sheet?
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What is leasehold in balance sheet?

Leasehold means all premises acquired on lease agreement to be used in business for revenue generation.

What is a nonclassified balance sheet?

It is a balance sheet that does not segregate, or classify, current and non-current assets and liabilities

Is Loan on balance sheet or off balance sheet?

Loan is on balance sheet

Difference between on balance sheet financing and off balance sheet financing?

In off-balance sheet financing assets are not shown in balance sheet while in balance sheet financing fixed assets shown in balance sheet.

What accounts are balance sheet accounts?

A balance sheet account is any item that is found on the financial statement known as the balance sheet. The figures reflected on the balance sheet, consist of the ending balance of the balance sheet account. After all the transactions are posted in the individual balance sheet account's "T" account (involving debits and credits), the ending balance is the amount found on the balance sheet.

Grouping and marshalling in balance sheet?

grouping and marshalling in balance sheet grouping and marshalling in balance sheet

Is there a difference between a merchandiser's balance sheet and a service company's balance sheet?

Yes in merchandiser balance sheet there is stock of items available in balance sheet while in services balance sheet there is no inventory item available.

What is a pro forma balance sheet?

Proforma balance sheet is a projected balance sheet to predict the future of business.

What does it mean a balance sheet does not balance?

my balance sheet does not balance why?

Allowance for doubtful accounts is reported in the a balance sheet or a income sheet?

balance sheet

Is EB-IT shown in balance sheet?

EBIT is not show in balance sheet rather Earning after tax is shown in balance sheet.

What are post balance sheet items?

Post balance sheet items are those items which arise after closing date of balance sheet that's why called post balance sheet items.