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First step is head down to your sporting goods supplier and pick up a shotgun cleaning kit which should include a cleaning rod, swabs, solvent and lube, a barrel brush / barrel snake may be a good add on to have around. Also for a pump pick up some Teflon oil to lube up the pump. Were I you, I would not even begin without my owners manual or schematic around (you don't want to be wondering what the "extra" part is for). This is a very generalized set of instructions for a pump 1. Slide the pump all the way down then unscrew the cap from the top of the piece that the pump slides on. 2. You should now be able to unscrew your barrel 3.Wet a patch with solvent and run it all the way down the barrel 4. run the brush down the barrel 5. run a dry patch down the barrel 6. lightly wet a patch with gun oil and run it down the barrel 7. drop some teflon oil on the pump rail 8. reassemble For a full break down and cleaning you will need the schematic for your weapon. In general the rule is metal parts need a light application (just one dab of oil on a rag will do) of gun oil to control corrosion.

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Q: How do you clean a 20 gauge pump shotgun?
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