How do you clean concrete with muriatic acid?

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Answer That depends on what you're trying to clean off. Technically, muratic acid removes some of the chemicals that make up the surface of the concete. If the stain is deep you'll need to use a stronger concentration of the muratic acid. If it's just a weak surface stain, you can dilute the acid. The muratic acid will destroy any clothing, especially cotton, that it touches. Even a drop will disolve the cotton where it touches. Concentrated muratic acid that gets in your eyes can cause blindness, so make sure you wear something to protect your eyes. It burns if you get the acid on your skin, so wear gloves and have plenty of water nearby. Beyond that, just put water in a plastic pail then add muratic acid to get to the concentration that you want. I use an automotive wheel cleaning brush to clean with muratic acid, I also wear rubber gloves when I'm using the stronger concentrations. Brush it on, work it a little then rinse it off with water. It takes a small amount of concrete off the surface and changes the appearance of the concrete, but it also removes the stain.

ANSWER: For cleaning concrete, I would recommend using a citrus degreaser instead of muriatic acid. It is much more environmentally friendly, and you don't have to be a chemist to use it. You can purchase it at any professional construction material supply store. Available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon. It also smells a lot better than muriatic acid!!

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How do you use muriatic acid to etch concrete?

For anyone interested in the TRUE HCl concentration of muriatic acid (sans WIKIfication) simply google "muriatic acid msds " and you will see that, while the concentration varies by manufacturer, it generally ranges from 33-40%. Furthermore, even if you order HCl by name from a chemical supply ho ( Full Answer )

Does muriatic acid harm concrete in any way?

YES!!!!!!! It has to be diluted with water or it will eat away at the surface. I know from personal experience. This is very strong and corrosive. and should never be used full strength unless you are trained in using. Muriatic acid is an impure form of hydrochloric acid. It is extremely corrosive ( Full Answer )

How do you do a muriatic acid dip to clean the fingers of an earth filter?

Answer . \nIs this a D.E. filter? If so you can go into any Pool supply store and get the pre-mixed cleaner and soak grids in a large bucket of water of 50/50 mixture of water and acid, usually 12-24 hours. Rinse and let grids dry 100% before returning to manifold. Please remember SAFETY is key h ( Full Answer )

Can you use muriatic acid to clean out your pipes?

Muriatic acid or hydrochloric acid (HCl) will not harm copper pipes. I am a licensed Heating& cooling technician and I use Muriatic acid all the time to clean out hot water tankless coils and boiler hot water coils and I have seen it used to clean out hot water copper piping in houses to remove scal ( Full Answer )

How do you use muriatic acid to clean a toilet?

PVC pipes resist muratic acid: Answer Before using muriatic acid you may want to see what it will do to the porcelain toilet bowl, the pipes (PVC was not used in older homes) and what it will do to the glue used to hold the PVS pipe joints together.

Will muriatic acid clean a leach field?

In the old days this was a common treatment-- It is now against the law-- But it killed the roots of trees on the drain filed and helps restore a little use to the drain field.

Can muriatic acid remove concrete sealant?

Answer: . Concrete sealer is designed to withstand chemical attacks. Muriatic acid, even at a 30% plus solution is considered a mild attack to sealers. The best way to remove sealer is a citrus degreaser. It is environmentally friendly and has a better fragrance. Solvents such as Xylene, Toluene, ( Full Answer )

How do you use muriatic acid to clean pools?

You don't use Muriatic acid to clean pools. It is used according to manufacturer's directions to balance the pH of your water. Acid v Alkalinity. Too high a pH, add acid. To low, add a pH increaser. 7.0-7.2 is about right. Now, your pool maintenance people may suggest a muriatic wash for your pool i ( Full Answer )

How do you clean brick with muriatic acid?

Answer . I don't know how others do it, but I brush it on with a stiff nylon brush, then rinse it off with a hose. DON'T USE IT STRAIGHT FROM THE BOTTLE! I mix it about 4 parts water to 1 part acid (20% acid) then brush it on. Make sure you wear long sleeved shirt (that you don't mind throwing ( Full Answer )

Can muriatic acid clean aluminum?

No most muriatic acid no matter its concentration has a chemical reaction with aluminum that gives off H gas.(i have only tried it with Aluminum foil but dont know if it works the same for all Al) Try not to mix the two.

Will muriatic acid clean spots on glass?

Answer . It might do more than that, acid is corrosive and just may etch the glass. If the spots are from water use vinegar, if you need something stronger try CLR. ( calcium lime rust remover ).

Can you use muriatic acid to clean your spa?

Answer . Muriatic acid is very dangerous. It can cause lung damage even death. Please read instructions. Yes it can be used to clean the plaster only. It will not remove any hard water (calcium ) deposits on the tile. In fact it's best not to let it linger on the tile and grout because it will e ( Full Answer )

Can muriatic acid help clean dishwasher?

Yes it can. Use a 5 percent solution. Turn off all the options onthe machine like heated wash, heated rinse, and heated dry and addbetween 10 - 20 ounces during the wash cycle.

Can you use muriatic acid to clean copper?

Yes, of course. I found the following archived letter from someone named Don Wilkins that mentions using muriatic acid to clean copper oxide: By the way, for those who didn't know--like me, until a few moments ago--muriatic acid is just an old-fashion ( Full Answer )

How do you clean up a muriatic acid spilled on carpet?

Answer . Neutralize it with some lye or other alkaline compound. It should react to form a salt and water. Just be careful not to use too much. Wash up with water afterwards just to make sure.

How do you clean off colored stucco that was accidentally splashed on concrete while stuccoing a wall of a house other than using muriatic acid?

Answer 1 . I have used a good pressure washer [not the cheap low pressure type] to literally "blast" fresh concrete, stucco, drywall "mud" [very easy' and a variety of materials on concrete slabs. driveways, and sidewalks.. IF you get to it quick, it is easier than if you allow the unwanted mate ( Full Answer )

How do you clean pool filters with muriatic acid?

If you can get a container that will hold the whole length of the filter cartridge fill it with water and 1/4 acid then leave the filter in it over night it should be fine in the morning. if you can only get a container half the height then you will have to do it in two stages.

Can muriatic acid clean rock crystals?

Cleaning Rock and Mineral Specimens GEODES First inspect the inside of the geode looking for microscopic minerals like goethite, millerite, or kaolinite that are very tiny and easy to overlook. Small crystal inclusions will be damaged by these cleaning processes. Scarce crystals like goethite ( Full Answer )

Window cleaning with muriatic acid?

Window cleaning can be carried out with muriatic acid. Wear glovesand protective eye goggles before working with this acid. Fill abucket with water and add 1 or 2 ounces of muriatic acid per gallonof water. Dampen a scrubbing brush with the solution and scrub thewindows carefully, avoiding splashes. ( Full Answer )

Can you clean copper with muriatic acid?

Don't even THINK about trying to clean a coin with muriatic acid. It will damage the surface and any possible numismatic value will be lost. You'll have a very shiny coin that is only worth its face value.

How is muriatic acid used to clean bath tub drains?

Do not use acid on any drains in the house. They can eat holes in the pipes and cause severe discoloration on chrome fittings that are visible. If you were to use a drain cleaner use an enzme based product that is safe on pipes.

Can you use muriatic acid to clean a shower floor?

Probably, although I'd test it in a small spot to make sure it doesn't affect the color. (Also obviously, wear gloves, be very careful not to spill it on your skin or get it in your eyes. If you dilute it, pour acid into water, not water into acid.)

How do you clean DE filter with muriatic acid?

There is no reason to use muriatic acid to clean a DE filter. If you disassemble the filter and clean each grid thoroughly with a hose nozzle, they will be clean enough. In the case of heavy minerals in the pool water, or long periods of time since last clean, the white fabric may be somewhat discol ( Full Answer )

Can I use Muriatic acid for cleaning air conditioning coils?

Yes you can but it has to be done very carefully and precisely.try using trisodium phosphate substitute in warm water, or a tile and grout cleaner containing phosphoric acid. Brush the solution into the stain, let it set, then rinse with water. As a last resort, try diluting muriatic acid with water ( Full Answer )

Can muriatic acid be used to clean out a car radiator?

i used to work in a radiator shop back in the day and we put a radiator on a rotating machine and put muric acid in it and let it rotate for some time, then flushed it out and the radiator was totally clean, no more rodding. they were copper then. not sure about todays alum radiators

Can muriatic acid clean drains?

Muriatic acid can clean drains. However, it's not a good idea to dothis because it can also damage them and keep them from functioningproperly.

Can you use muriatic acid to clean fiberglass boat hull?

The answer: YES. Muriatic acid is the best solution for cleaning scum off of fiberglass hulls. Forget expensive hull cleaner or any other "marine" product that claims to remove. Muriatic acid removes all scum/discoloration without any effect to the gel coat for about $6/gallon. Get a garden/lawn ( Full Answer )

How long do you leave muriatic acid on concrete?

Test a small area, leave 5min,clean, not good enough, do 10 min and so on. . This is used more for grout than concrete. Etcher is safer used for cleaning concrete. Follow the MFG recommendations for the product. Muriatic acid is not the first choice for masonry cleaning but the last resort .M ( Full Answer )

Can muriatic acid be used to clean a cars heater core?

I am an old style mechanic. Heater cores are made of copper or aluminun & Plastic. Muriatic acid will eat any heater core up and cause leaks. Cut it out of the loop and connect the lines together. Get it replaced, a major and expensive job. Sorry about that and good luck.

You are going to clean pool the pool is emty with muriatic acid?

Yes, a commonly done procedure "acid washing" is done with muriatic acid. BUT don't do it if it's not needed, because you are removing a layer of your plaster. It is also very dangerous. It is probably better done by a professional.

Can you clean your patio with Muriatic acid?

\nCleaning your patio with Muriatic acid is generally not recommended. Your patio may contain stone, concrete, or wood. The Muriatic acid is likely to eat into those. A substance like trisodium phosphate can be just as effective. Still, if you are determined to use Muriatic acid, have a respirator r ( Full Answer )

Is it safe to clean concrete off a car with muriatic acid?

no its not safe because evanthough it will get the concrete off it may burn through the car. it is also not safe for you because if it deflects or spils on you you could have a serious or Evan fatal injury

Will muriatic acid clean gold?

Gold is not a very reactive metal and muriatic acid would not have much effect on it, you probably need to Polish the scratches out if it looks dirty. or you need to check if it is real gold.

Will muriatic acid clean concrete?

Yes, muriatic acid generally does a fairly good job of it. Try a little at a time for starters, though, to see if it is doing what you want it to.

Can you use muriatic acid to clean glass that was in a fire?

The safest way to clean glass is with soap and water (leaves no residue). However, if this isn't working, use what is referred as a BASE BATH. This is usually, KOH dissolved in isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). You let it soak in an alkali solution for a little while (depends on how much gunk is ( Full Answer )

How do you use muriatic acid to clean glass?

Muriatic Acid it extremely corrosive and highly caustic. To clean glass windows with it, is not recommended. Ammonia, however, does clean windows very effectivly and doesn't leave streak marks.

Can you use muriatic acid to clean swimming pool tile?

You can, but you run the risk of altering the pH of the pool water along with etching the cementuous material (other than the tile) that the acid might touch. The acid is corrosive, so be careful. I would suggest diluting the acid prior to using it as a cleanser. Use a product such as Scale-Be-G ( Full Answer )

Does muriatic acid soften concrete?

from my point of view muriatic acid can not soften concrete but can affect minimal with the help of pounding the surface and spraying or painting with muriactic acid then repeating several times until it breakdown

How do you clean a cut that got muriatic acid in it?

Happens to me all the time as a brick mason. If its scabbed, you have to pull off the scab. the acid is trapped underneath and will continue to eat away. pull off the scab and rinse the cut thoroughly with water. gobs and gobs of water. then treat it like any other cut. good luck.

Can you enter the pool while cleaning with muriatic acid?

If you are talking about acid washing an empty pool then yes you should be inside it to do it properly. It is best to hire someone who has done at least 50 acid washes. I have replastered many pools that were acid washed by an idiot or the pool owner because they simply didn't know what they were do ( Full Answer )

Is it safe to use Muriatic acid to clean lead?

Pure muriatic acid is VERY dangerous to use. It is dangerous to unprotected skin and the vapour can knock you out. I use it to clean concrete and always have full protective clothing and a good mask. - I've never tried it on lead, try on a very small piece first.