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you lick it out

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Q: How do you clean dog pee from your bed?
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Is it possible to have bed bug with a dog pee?


Where to let dog pee?

let a dog pee outside... if it poos clean it up please!!

What do you do if your dog pees on your pants?

clean them or get some more. train your dog not to pee on them in the 1st place might be a good start....

Why does my dog pee in the bedroom. he also licks other dogs pee and his own.?

I u let your dog inside your house and he is not trained is like saying : do whatever you want. Well maybe you can't to anything about it but if you see pee , clean it fast !

You want to get a Yorkshire terrier But your mom says when you go to school it will be peeing all over the house what should you do?

But a small crate for your dog from a pet-store. Put the dog in here when you go to school. The dog will only mind the first couple of days, but whenever you put the dog in there give it a treat. The dog will start thinking of the crate as its bed, and will learn to like it. This will make it so the dog will not pee in the house, and it probably won't pee in the crate either, since it wouldn't want to pee in its bed.

How do you clean up dog pee off of wooden steps?

Urine is soluble in water. You can hose off the steps.

How do you hypnotize yourself to pee the bed?

maybe you can first try to pee in diapers first on the bed. Do this until you can always pee immediately and naturally when lying on the bed. Make it a habit and you will pee the bed when you take off the diapers. (think twice as it may not be easy to go back)

If your pee is sent to a lab will it be clean?

Yes, it will be clean because the air filters the pee.

Is it cleaner to clean your bed or not to clean your bed?

to clean your bed of course1 it would be unhygienic!!

What is the messiest kind of dog?

All dogs are messy as puppy's, it is up to their human to train them. Dog's have no concept of clean and dirty, but no dog (after puppy-hood) will make nasty messes by their bed, if they have any choice. If you keep your dog's environment clean, he will learn to keep your's clean.

Is it possible a dog will pee on a child's bed because of jealously?

Yes. Unfortunately dogs can be very jelous animals. If your dog has peed on your child's bed you may need to take your dog for more walks or throw the ball. Something to make him feel more loved and needed. Dogs need a job and can become destructive if they have nothing to do. At the same time, Dogs are territorial animals. If your child pees in the bed then a dog will pee on the same spot to mark their teritorry. Even FEMALE dogs mark their territory!With there incredible sense of smell they can smell the pee even after you have washed the sheets. The answer may be as simple as closing the child's door when you leave home.

Why does your dog small like pee?

fist of all my dog does not smell like pee and it is smell not small and if your dog smell like pee the peed on itself