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Go to any automotive supply store, find the detailing dept. buy a container of leather cleaner, follow the directions. Automotive leather cleaner, i have found to work really well.

First bought Meguiar's leather cleaner/conditioner for my beige leather seats.....did nothing to clean them (I'm using a horse hair brush). Than bought Autoglym leather cleaner.....also without any improvement. Went to detailer who suggested using Spray Nine on a white rag (white so the colour of the rag doesn't bleed to your seats from the Spray Nine.) This worked awesome, another advantage of the white rag was I could actually see how much dirt came off my seats. I of course conditioned my seats after I was finished cleaning them.

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Q: How do you clean leather?
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How do I clean my leather recliner?

You should clean your leather recliner with leather cleaner and never regular spray.

How do you clean dye of leather?

There are different types of leather colors that are used to dye the leather. The dye of leather should be carefully cleaned by a clean cloth or a leather cleaner.

How do you clean fur leather?

You get Fur ever Clean leather Stain removel

How do you clean white leather sofa?

You clean a white leather sofa with glycerin... then use a clean cloth and wipe...

Can you use vinegar to clean leather?

Vinegar can be used to clean leather. You can pour vinegar on leather and let it dry, or blot the leather with a vinegar soaked cloth.

How do you clean colored leather sofa?

you clean any leather sofa with glycerin .... Your welcome .... i guess

How do you clean Togo leather?

With a wet clothes no leather cleaner

How do you remove skunk odor from leather?

Buy clean leather.

How do you clean a leather football?

You clean a leather football or leather anything else using a rag and saddle soap. You get saddle soap where they sell shoe polish.

Is a leather sectional couch easy to clean?

There are many products available to help you clean your leather couch. Leather couches are not any more difficult to clean than suede couches. You will need to buy a leather conditioner to keep it in good condition though.

Restoring leather on a leather sofa - to clean and soften?

How to soften a new hard leather sofa?

Can you use Murphy's oil soap to clean leather seats?

Yes, use it full strength on a clean cloth to clean the leather and use another clean cloth to buff the seat.

How do you clean a white leather chair?

You could try leather polish.

What do you use to clean a leather sofa?

soap what do u clean yourself with Soap would dry out the leather.

How do you clean leather sandals?

use baby wet tissue,they moisturize leather and clean very well,hope this helps

How durable are leather couches?

Leather couches are relatively durable. The leather is hard to rip or puncture and it is very easy to clean up spills. The leather is also very cosmetically appealing to the eye with a clean look!

What is the best way to clean leather cellphone covers?

The best way to clean leather cellphone covers is to use a cleaning product like Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Make sure to be gentle when cleaning the cover as over cleaning leather tends to darken leather.

How can you clean your leather settee?

Any good leather store will give you a leaflet and sell you leather cleaner.

How do you clean leather furniture if you don't have leather cleaning products?

Go buy the leather cleaning products. Otherwise you will ruin your leather.

What is the best way to clean brown leather cowboy boots?

The best way to clean brown leather cowboy boots is by scrubbing the boots inside and out. In addition, one can clean brown leather cowboy boots by firing a hose at them.

How do you Clean sunblock from leather sofa?

How do you Clean sunblock from leather sofaANSWER: get a wet rag and gently wipe it up.

How do you clean leather soccer cleats?

just a leather cleaner would work.

Can I use furniture polish to clean my leather sofa?

No you need specific leather cleaner, otherwise it can damage the leather.

Can egg whites clean leather?


What do you use to clean leather car seats?

Special leather care product, like Mothers Leather care is best.