How do you clean really dirty walls?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: How do you clean really dirty walls?
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Was all the clothes in ancient Greece really clean or dirty?

Dirty before they were washed, clean after they were washed.

Did egyptians have clean water?

no there have really dirty water . so dirty there died

If you drop a sponge on the floor, is the sponge dirty or is the floor clean?

To be completely honest it depends on if your floor is dirty or not. If your floor is really dirty then the sponge is dirty. but in order for your floor to be clean when u 'drop' a sponge you have to apply elbow grease to clean it.

How can you make your room cleaner?

make your room look clean...clean your walls,clean under your bed,especilly make your bed!!, clean your stuff, vacum your room or sweep it if you have diffferent floor.......put dirty laundry in the dirty clothes, clean your closet if its dirty with all your clothes.......put your stuff where it belongs. you will have a cleanner room!!! do that every day.

Are plush toys easy to clean when dirty?

Are plush toys easy to clean when dirty, well not really. Some toys you may be able to put in your washer or dryer. Other you will have to clean by hand.

How clean is a smoking room in a hotel?

not clean at all but in the middle a little cleaner but then its really dirty so yeah

Why do your walls go dirty from your radiators?

Airborne dust and grease plus heat combine to paint stains on your walls. The best cure is not to have heat radiate from radiators so it is either a cold nose or clean walls. '

What happens when you combine vinegar and salt to clean pennies?

the salt will dissolve in the vinegar and the penny will get really clean well if it dirty

What is good to make Pepsi explode?

No it can make your house really dirty and you have to clean it up.

How do you clean a figit friend that is really dirty?

Get a wet wash cloth or wet wipe

Is breath clean or dirty?

it is dirty

Why are really clean and really dirty atmosphere undesirable?

An excessively dirty atmosphere allows little heat to escape the earth, causing extreme heats. However, an atmosphere too clean allows too much heat to escape, resulting in cooler temperatures.