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How do you clean scratch game disks?


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February 21, 2010 9:12PM

You fix discs by using a kit with a series of abrasives, from course to light, to wear down scratches - step by step - to a smooth finish. Professional systems use multiple abrasives, consisting of different hardness and shapes (sharp to smooth).

Regardless of product or system used, the key is to use a series of abrasives (more than one stage) to gradually bring the plastic back to a polished surface.

If you want to remove all scratches on your disc, take a look at the 5-stage Scratch Pro repair kit. It will bring the disc back to its original shine and you will have a kit on hand to fix the next disc. Also do a search for scratch repair to see what is out there in your area. To do a targeted search, use the + sign in front of the search words +disc +scratch +repair

From Merlin's Table's site… "CENTRE RING DAMAGE... The ring around the centre of the disc contains the data that tells the console player or CD player what the disc is all about. When this ring is scratched or scuffed or hazy, the disc will not register in the console. The ring is on the non-labeled (data/playing) side of the disc, around the centre hole. Look closely and you will see a small shiny band in this highly reflective area. This area and any other scratches on this side of the disc can be fixed using your repair kit."

If you have mayonnaise and a napkin or towel, you can easily fix a scratched disk. All you need to do is slather mayonnaise on the disk and wait for about one minute, take off the mayonnaise using your napkin or towel and the scratch is gone, try it!