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Here is how you can clone Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald:

Go to the battle frontier (AFTER YOU BEAT THE ELITE 4) And go to the battle tower (in the middle of the whole frontier). Go to the PC on the way right and deposit the PKMN you want to clone. TIP- You can clone ITEMS too, such as MASTER BALLS and RARE CANDIES, just make it a hold item to the PKMN who gets clone.| You can clone up to 5 PKMN. Once you deposit the PKMN, save your game. Once you save your game, withdraw the PKMN and go to the lady to the far right (LINK BATTLES) Click OPEN LEVEL, choose your PKMN, and click yes that you want to save. You will see a LONG PAUSE before she asks if you want to overwrite. Right when she asks you, TURN OFF YOUR GAME. Turn it back on and go to the game. Check Your PC and VOILA! You got PKMN CLONES! (+ ITEMS)

I hope this helped you.

you can't that could only be done in Pokemon gold/silver/crystal
1.go to battle tower 2.put any Pokemon in PC 3.take it out 4. save the game 5. get the Pokemon out 6. go to the last lady at the battle tower 7. choose open level 8. then when the lady say "saving do not turn of the power 9. turn of the power 10. then turn on the power 11. go to the PC see all the boxes 12. if u find the same Pokemon that u wanted to clone 13. that's how u clone PokemonIn order to clone any Pokemon in Pokemon emerald, you must have already beaten the elite four. To do this train, for optimal results train all six Pokemon to at least level 50 so you don't white out and have to start over again; or save before entering each battle so you can simply restart your gameboy if you lose. Have about five revives in your bag and a few max potions. After you do that, you will receive the S.S. Ticket from your father at your home in Little Root Town. Then, go to either Slateport or LilyCove and take the boat. When you get on the boat, Scott will be getting off and he will say next time you get on the boat you can go to the Battle Frontier. Beat all the trainers aboard and then go to room number two. Go to your bed press A and rest twice. This should be enough time for the boat to arrive at your destination.Go talk to the sailor guarding the stairs out and he will let you through if the ship has landed. Then go back on the ship and sail to the Battle Frontier. After you land, go to the Battle Tower. Find the computer on the far right side. Go to move Pokemon and get the Pokemon in your party that you want to clone. you can clone up to five at a time. Also, give them an item to hold because that will be cloned as well. Make sure you have two non-legendary Pokemon in your party. Exit your box, and reenter but hit deposit Pokemon instead. Put each Pokemon you want to clone (only five) each in an empty box. Close your box fully and then save. Reenter your box and hit withdraw Pokemon. Withdraw all the Pokemon which you just deposited (any order). Then go to the nearest lady at the desk on the far right. Talk to her and enter two Pokemon (any Pokemon in your party) at the any level challenge. She'll ask you to save twice, say yes the first time and when it prompts you a second time. Simply turn your gameboy off. If correctly done, when you turn it back on, you should be standing in front of the desk. Check your party, and you should have all your Pokemon still. Go to your box and you should see all your Pokemon still in their boxes. Congratulations!!refer to other answer how to clnoe emerald Pokemon

2. Go to Battle tower

2: Go to the com and put the Pokemon you want to clone in an empty box

3: Save your game

4: Withdraw your Pokemon (that you put in the empty box)

5: Go to the lady closest to the com pick challenge and open lv

6: Pick your Pokemon you want to clone or (other Pokemon if you are cloning legendary

7: Say yes when) she asks if you want to save

8: When you game asks you click yes ( it will be a lil bit after you say yes to the lady)

9: There will be a pause sometimes long and sometimes short

10: It will ask if you want to save again click no

11: then go back to your com and you should have a Pokemon at your party and another Pokemon at the PC This is how-

*Go to the Battle Tower because it will only work there

*Place the Pokemon you want to clone in an empty box (remember, if you want to clone items, make the Pokemon hold it)

*Exit the box and save the game

*Withdraw all the Pokemon you placed in the box (another thing, only five canbe cloned at a time)

*Go to the first lady, the one closest to the PC and say 'Challenge' then 'Open Level'

*When she asks "Do you wnat to save the game?" say yes BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*When it says "Do you want to save the game?" TURN OFF THE GAME!

*When you go back on, the Pokemon will be withdrawn and in the box you saved them in.

this works. i put the same answer. i don't know what happened to it.

This works, i have cloned many Pokemon this way, however if not done PERFECTLY you will delete your Pokemon (poor kyogre) I am not the same person as above. WHAT IS POKEMON "IMPERLAND"? AND WHY DO YOU WANT TO "CLOWN" POKEMON? However, in Pokemon emrald, you can use a action replay gameboy, or a action replay Pokemon special edition.

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Emerald: cloning PokemonFirst Defeat the elite 4 and have access to the battle frontier. Then you go to the battle tower and got to the far right were you find a PC. Have the Pokemon you want to clone in your party!. Next deposit that Pokemon into an empty box and close the PC. SAVE. Then withdraw the same Pokemon and go to the lady that does the wireless battle, go to any level and select your 2 Pokemon. When she says you need to save, say yes. The game will pause for 2 seconds. When the save screen comes up and says ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO SAVE?, say no and turn your game off, !WARNING! Do not turn it off when it says SAVING DONT TURN OFF THE POwer because it erases your game. Turn you game back on and check your PC in that empty box will be that Pokemon it will also be in you Party.

You can also clone more than Pokemon but do not go to the box that rayquaza is in or it is gone forever.

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Q: How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?
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