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If you have a damper in the fireplace there should be a handle that will allow you to close this damper or metal flapper. If the damper or metal flapper is missing, damaged or broken you can get parts to fix it or you can install a chimney balloon to plug the chimney at the bottom or a chimney top damper to plug it at the top. Chimney top dampers work well to stop birds, bugs and vermin from entering the top of the chimney. A Chimney balloon is not as expensive and will stop air and odor from passing through the chimney into the living area. ---- Note: Some gas log fireplaces have the damper disabled or removed because of the building code requirement for gas log fireplaces that was started in the 1990s. The reason for this code is to prevent a homeowner from asphixiating the occupants of the home by using the gas log without opening the damper. The downside of this code is you are loosing inside heat or air conditioned air constantly through the chimney. If this is the case with your gas log the only way you can plug your flue is with a chimney balloon since it is not a permanant mechanical damper.

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Q: How do you close a fireplace?
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Should you close the flue to the fireplace to keep the humidity out of the house?

The purpose of the fireplace damper is to keep the outside elements, outside. The damper is opened only when there is a fire in the fireplace.

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What's the risks of having an indoor fireplace?

Some of the risks of an indoor fireplace include chimney fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, embers escaping the fireplace, and children possibly getting too close.

Should the damper be opened or close when operating the fireplace?

the flue should be opened

Should you close flue when gas fireplace not in use?

Yes- but open before use.

Smoke comes back into the house via the second fireplace?

Then you have a shortage of combustion air, and it is drawing air down the unused fireplace flue. Close the damper of the unused fireplace, and check for exhaust fans that may be drawing air out of the house.

Can I buy an automatic fireplace flue damper that would open and close by itself when we want a fire?

Yes, there are automatic fireplace flue dampers available for sale on the internet. Check out and or fireplace showrooms near you for more detailed information.

Can you partially close fireplace flue when a fire is burning in fireplace?

You have to, or the fire is going to burn way too hot and not last very long. Depends on the type of wood you use also.

What are some easy and inexpensive ways to reduce the heat being lost through the chimney of a fireplace?

The main thing that one should do to make sure that heat is not being lost through the chimney of a fireplace is to always close the damper when the fireplace is not in use. In addition, you can also use a fireplace door or cover to prevent additional heat loss.

What is a fireplace bellow?

A fireplace bellows is a great fireplace accessory that helps pump oxygen to your fire to fuel the flames. Air moves through the bellows as you open and close it and flows through a nozzle. If you point the bellows at the base of your fire, it can help increase the heat of the fire and the size of the flame. It's a common fireplace tool found around the hearth. Check out some examples of fireplace accessories below.

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