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If you are talking about the Evan's dragon ( which you probably are )

just use a skill and the animation will show on your dragon.

If you are talking about the Bishop dragon, well stand near a monster.

If you are talking about a pet, it cant attack.

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if you are talking about the dragon pet from the cash shop, it cannot attack. no pets can attack. they can only pick up mesos or items from the ground and some pets can evolve but no pets can attack. at least not yet. maybe nexon will consider the uselessnesss of the existing pets and configure them to attackk

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Since the question isn't specific about which dragon, I'll just go through all of them. If your a bishop in your 4th job advancement, then you receive new skills like Bahamut. Once you summon Bahamut, it automatically attacks for you. If your an Evan, then open up your skills tab and assign skill points to the different skills. From then on, you can put the skills on a hot keys. Click "" to open up your controls window, and then open up the skills tab (K button) and put it on any key on the keyboard you want.

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Q: How do you command baby Maplestory dragon to attck?
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Go to henesys marketplace and keep walking right till u see the pet guy i forgot his name click on him and buy it

How do you get skill points for your baby Maplestory dragon?

You will get skill points for your dragon the same way normal players get skill points. When you level up, press K and assign skill points to your moves. Those moves will be cast by your dragon.

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How long does it take for your baby dragon to fully grow in Dragon Fable without a dragon amulet?

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Can you buy a baby dragon?

No, baby dragons do not exist. They are mythical creatures.

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