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Q: How do you complete a 3D jigsaw crystal puzzle diamond?
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How do you translate 'jigsaw puzzle' into Afrikaans?

Jigsaw puzzle is Legkaart in afrikans.=)

Who created the jigsaw puzzle?

John Spilsbury was the creator of the jigsaw puzzle

Where can one purchase jigsaw puzzle games?

One can purchase jigsaw puzzle games online on websites, such as Puzzle Warehouse, Jigsaw Jungle and Amazon. Jigsaw puzzle games are good for logical thinking.

What is the twilight book with a jigsaw puzzle on the front?

There is no twilight book with a jigsaw puzzle on the front!

What is a sentence for jigsaw?

The jigsaw puzzle was literally mind-boggling. The jigsaw puzzle had over 500 pieces.

What are the pieces of the puzzle if earths surface was a jigsaw puzzle?

Tectonic plates would be the pieces if the earths surface was a jigsaw puzzle.

What year was the jigsaw puzzle invented?

John Spilsbury created the first jigsaw puzzle in 1767

How do you say jigsaw in French?

A jigsaw is "une scie sauteuse" (fem. - electric machine saw) or "un puzzle" (masc. - for a jigsaw puzzle)

How many puzzle pieces are in the worlds largest puzzle?

The world's largest jigsaw puzzle had 24,000 pieces. This puzzle was designed and created by Royce B. McClure. The puzzle took about 400 hours to complete by itself.

How do you say hope you enjoy your jigsaw?

"Hope you enjoy your jigsaw puzzle."

What came first the jigsaw or the jigsaw puzzle?

The jigsaw- capable of cutting wood in very curly and scrolling lines. The puzzle was named for the look that the saw can produce.

What is a manipulative puzzzle?

A puzzle that you can move like jigsaw puzzle.

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