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I'm sorry I can complete the Rubix Cube my fastest time is 12.64 seconds but I could not possibly tell by using letters I would have to show you while demonstrating with and actual Rubix Cube, but you could check out YouTube were I'm sure there are lots of videos about completing the Rubix Cube, I hope this helped and hope you complete the Rubix Cube and find it as fascinating and fun as I do, bye now.

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What is the secret to complete the rubix cube?

Actually there is no secret! If you want to solve a rubix cube then you can do it, just learn the rubix cube solution method (I added a link). With this rubix cube solution you'll be able to solve the rubix cube shortly.

What is a 100-piece rubix cube?

A 100 by 100 rubix cube is a cube that is made by the internet

How do you solve rovik cube?

I think you mean rubix cube. For a rubix cube, you just use a variation of algorithms.

How many colors in a rubix cubic?

*Rubik's Cube, not rubix cubic. 6 on a traditional cube.

How is rubix cube spelt?

Rubik cube

How do you spell rubix cube?

It is spelled Rubik's Cube.

How do you take apart a rubix cube?

You turn the top of the rubix cube and get a screwdriver and pull up on the side where its black :D

When was the rubix cube invented?


What is rubix cube pattern?


Where do you get a 2x2 rubix cube?


Where was the rubix cube invented?

in the U.S

A gaming cube with dots on?


What are the six different colors on the Rubix Cube?

The six different colours on the Rubix Cube are:WhiteYellowBlueGreenRedOrange

Why was the rubix cube invented?

the rubix cube was invented so people can hav a brain teaser to help people do more challenged things

What are the pattern to solve the rubix cube?

How do you win the rubix cube?

What is the best seller toy?

Rubix cube

What is the best rubix cube solver?

you don't

What did Professor rubiks invent?

a rubix cube!! :)

How do you do the rubix cube?

This is a website which shows a real easy way to do the rubix cube. It really easy. (the website link is in the sources and related links below)

Hoe to solve a rubix cube?

take the stickers off and then Superglue them back in the form there suppose to be.!! Ex: Blue, make a blue square on one side of the rubix cube Green, make a green square on one side of the rubix cube etc.

What are the top gifts for young gamers?

The touchscreen Rubix cube is definitely the best gift for young gamers. It is a digital form of the world-renowed Rubix cube. Players move their fingers along the screen to turn blocks this way and that. The touchscreen Rubix cube is a must-have.

Where does the rubixs cube come from?

the rubixs cube was invented in 1974 by Erno Rubix

Who was the man who invented the rubix cube?

erno rubik

How can you build rubix cube in seconds?

I don't think you can.