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The first disk ends once you reach Burmecia and lose to Beatrix

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Q: How do you complete the first disc on Final Fantasy 9?
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What are the 2 greatest hits disc in Final Fantasy VII for?

Final Fantasy 7 for ps1 is a 3-disc game. At a certain point in the game it will prompt you to insert disc 2 and later disc 3. Make sure to get Knights of the Round before fighting the final character.

What is the song that plays during the first blitzball scene in Final Fantasy ten?

The song is called Otherworld. It can be found in disc one of the Final Fantasy X OST.

How can you play Disc 2 for Final Fantasy 13?

Use Common Sense. If you have Disc 2, and the game asks for it, put it in.

Is there a Final Fantasy game for the Nintendo Wii?

The games that you can get on disc for the Wii are Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. On the Wii Shop Channel, you can buy WiiWare for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord, and Crystal Defenders. Also on the Wii Shop Channel, you can download Virtual Console games for Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI, and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

How many discs is Final Fantasy XIII?

On the Xbox it is 3 discs On the Ps3 it is 1 disc

Will the black label disc work with final fantasy 7 greatest hits disc 2 and 3?

Yes. All the discs are interchangeable.

Is there an action replay ultimate codes disc for final fantasy 12?

No as of right now there isn't. (tough luck)

How do you work the three disks in Final Fantasy XIII?

Final Fantasy XIII, for the Sony PlayStation 3, uses only one disc. There is no need to change discs. However I assume that you are talking about the Xbox360 version that does use 3 discs. In that case you would insert disc one and play the game until it tells you to insert disc 2. Once disc 2 is in always insert that disc to continue the game. Do the same with disc 3.

Why is the majority of final fantasy 7 on the first disc?

It actually isn't! While a majority of the story may seem to be on disc 1, a considerable amount of side material, such as sidequests and complex monster designs, is added with each disc, reducing the amount of space left for story programming.

I have final fantasy 7 greatest hits disc 2 and 3. Can the black label disc one work with them?

First off, ALL PS1 discs are black, and second, yes, you can, its all the same game, just a slightly different cover.

Can you proceed to the 2nd disc of Final Fantasy 8 without saving?

I do believe that is possible but you should save anyways just in case.

How do you change discs in final fantasy XIII?

When you are required to change discs, a message will appear and tell you to exchange discs. You then press the eject button on your Xbox 360 Console and put the next disc in. This is the same for most multi-disc Final Fantasies.

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