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Although it might be possible for someone with super-powers or on a higher plane of existence, normal humans don't conjure flowers out of thin air. Magicians create the illusion that they are doing so, but it only looks that way. It isn't real.

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Q: How do you conjure flowers out of thin air?
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Can you write me a sentence on conjure?

Conjure is a word having to do with making magic. The Conjurer makes things appear "out of thin air" using sleight of hand. This word has to do with making things appear. "The soft summer day was so perfect that it was a day to conjure dreams upon." "Elaine used the emotions of the song to conjure the image of her true love in her mind's eye."

Why was trade common in all Native American societies?

because they got stuff they couldnt get on their own for stuff they had an over abundance of. they didnt just conjure things out of thin air

Is it possible to magically conjure item if so how?

Magic is a natural manipulation of energies that flow around and through everything. So it cannot do unnatural things. Creating things out of thin air is not natural.

Name something a magician might make appear out of thin air?

Rabbit Bird Coins Flowers Person Eggs Cards

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What is an example of a sentence using 'conjure'?

He is a magician. He can Conjure anything!

Sentence for conjure?

The witch used her magical spells to conjure up sprits. Conjure, essentially, means "to summon".

When was The Conjure Woman created?

The Conjure Woman was created in 1926.

When was Conjure One created?

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What is a sentence for conjure?

A sentence with the word conjure: Denise asked her roommate, a chef, to conjure up a homemade apple pie for the company picnic. The word conjure is a verb. Some synonyms for the word conjure are produce, summon, and materialize.

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Are there telepathic demons that can conjure wizards?

No but there are telepathic wizards that can conjure demons

What does to conjure mean?

To conjure is to summon demons, or metaphorically to invoke or conceive.

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