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How do you connect Sony camcorder to a TV?

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You need two cords from The Sorce or Staples that have two different ends on them--one will be white and the other will be yellow--the White one plugs into the White outlet on camera and into white whole on TV and do the same with the yellow one--hope this helps--our inlets are on the front of our TV behind a hidden panel

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Can you connect your camcorder to your tv wirelessly?

no you cannot

How do you connect a HDD camcorder to TV?

Your camcorder should have ame with a cord to connect it with but if it did not you could go to a store with the type of camcorder your have and ask someone to help you find one.

Is there a special USB cable that can hook my old Sony 8mm camcorder to a laptop?

Unfortunately, there is no cable that digitally connect your computer to an 8mm camcorder.

What is a better camcorder JVC or Sony?


Which camcorder Accessories can I use to plug my camcorder into my t.v.?

To connect your camcorder to your television, use an camcorder audio/video cable. They are the three-part cables with the red, yellow and white connectors.

Which camcorder is better the Sony hd pocket camcorder or the jvc picsio?

btw the sony i was talking about is the webbie

What cables do I need to connect a camcorder to my TV?

Simple video cables will be all you need.

How do you connect sony PlayStation to TV?

you just plug the colored wires in the tv.

Is canon or Sony a better buy for a digital camcorder?


What wires are needed to connect a camcorder to the pc?

To connect your camcorder to the PC, it must be able to connect by a USB cable.

where should i go get my sony camcorder repair?

Many electronics stores offer camcorder repair. If your Sony camcorder is under warranty you can take it back to the store you purchased it from or contact Sony directly via their website at

Can the Sony Bravia LCD TV connect to the internet?

The Sony Bravia LCD TV is a high end television a person can buy. It can be loaded and bought with the capacity to connect to the internet and other options that require a connection.

How do you connect your lg tv to a Sony home theatre system?

If you are using the tuner of the TV, plug the digital audio out of the tv into the digital input of the Sony receiver.

What are the features of a Sony 60gb camcorder?

There are many features to a Sony 60gb camcorder. Such as the 60gb the fact that it has zoom and that it has the view finder. Here is website with reviews and camera specs.

how do I get my sony camcorder repaired?

you can choose from a few options to repair your sony camcorder. if it is under warranty you can send it to sony directly, otherwise take it where you bought it to find repair services.

Sony laptop connect to tv?

You can connect by attaching a serial cable from your LCD,LED,or Briva tv to your laptop with serial cable.

Can I connect a HDTV camcorder to my pc?

If the camcorder has a USB connector, yes, you can connect it to your PC.

How can you edit on Sony handycam DVD?

Connect your Handycam to the computer using the USB cable, open the screen on the camcorder and select Computer. From "My Computer" on your PC click on the camcorder device and select the videos you want to edit.

Where might one purchase a Sony Hi8 Camcorder?

There are many places where a person might purchase a Sony HI8 Camcorder. Stores like Walmart, Target, Best Buys, Sears and Office Depot all sell the Sony HI8 Camcorder.

Where can one purchase a Sony HD camcorder?

One can purhcase a Sony HD camcorder on various internet marketplaces across the web or in person at a local store. Best Buy, Ebay and Amazon are the best stores to purchase a Sony HD camcorder

Where can I find Sony Camcorder tapes?

You can find all sorts of Sony Camcorder tapes at B&H Photovideo You can also find Sony Camcorder tapes on

What is the definition of a DVD Sony camcorder?

A DVD Sony camcorder records directly onto a DVD for ease of viewing. With just the use of a DVD player you can view your video immediately upon recording instead of having to hook your camera up to your TV or computer.

Can you take Sony camcorder to Cuba?


Who makes digital camcorder?

JVC, Sony.......

Is it possible to use my camcorder as a webcam?

Yes. But you will need to buy many things to go with it such as : A Camcorder (Firewire or Analog), A Firewire Card (For Firewire Camcorder),A Video Capture Card or TV Tuner (For an Analog Camcorder),A way to connect the Camcorder to the corresponding cards. and The Eagletron TrackerCam Software..

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