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Unfortunately, you can not use Visual Studio to edit Java.

Visual Studio can be used to program:

Visual Basic




Anyways to program Java you can use other programs as Eclipse for Java Developers

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Q: How do you connect java with visual studio?
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How do i open a java file in Microsoft visual studio using the command prompt i know you would type notepad helloworld period java to open a java program in notepad but how do i do it for MVS?

You don't want to use Microsoft Visual Studio to edit/run Java programs... Use the Eclipse IDE instead... Visual Studio's only for C/C++ language programs.

Does anyone no a good c plus plus or java free online no download compiler?

Visual Studio Express.

What is the latest version of visual studio?

The latest version of Visual Studio is Visual Studio 2008 (v9.0).

Does Visual Java plus plus and Java Builder is different from the Java language?

Yes!Visual Java plus plus and Java Builder is different from the Java language?

Where you can download ms visual studio?

Visual Studio Express can be downloaded from The other editions of Visual Studio are not free and must be purchased.

Which language is used to develop Microsoft visual studio NET?

Microsoft Visual Studio has been written in Visual C++ and Visual C#

How do you load an access database over HTML?

With VB.NET or C#, both from Visual Studio from Microsoft, into an ASP.NET webpage. You can also do it with JAVA or PHP with the appropiate libraries.

How many languages are supported by visual studio?

Visual studio 2010 supports 5 programming languages. These are Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, Visual F# and JScript.

When was Microsoft Visual Studio Express created?

Microsoft Visual Studio Express was created in 2005.

How can i use Visual Studio 2003 projects in Visual Studio 2008 and vice versa?


When was Visual Nature Studio created?

Visual Nature Studio was created on 2001-09-07.

How the oracle is connected to java and visual basic?

Oracle is the company that owns Java and is partnered with Microsoft who owns Visual Basic.