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Your old wiring has 2 "hot" wires and a ground. Your new appliance needs 2 "hot" wires, a Neutral, and a ground. Please consult an electrician.

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How do you connect a electrical outlet at home?

Black wire to copper screw, white wire to silver screw, bare copper ground wire to green ground screw.

How do you wire a cooktop with red black white and green to a house with red black green?

Connect black to black, red to red, white & green, to green.

What is the Household wiring color code?

On a 110 volt circuit, Black is hot, White is neutral, Green or bare Copper is ground. . Connect Black to the gold screw, White to the silver screw, and bare copper ground to the Green ground screw on the receptacle. On a 220 Volt circuit Black & Red are both hot, each carrying 110 volts for a total of 220. White is Neutral and ground is Green or bare copper.

How do you wire a three wired ceiling fan to a two wired wall outlet?

Connect the black & blue wire on the ceiling fan to the black wire coming from the wall outlet. Connect the white to the white and green ground to copper ground.

How do you wire a new light with an on-off switch from the same circuit?

connect black to black wire, connect white to white, and green wire to bracket that came with light,and to bare copper wire that should already be in light junction box.

Is copper oxide green or black?

The colour of copper(II) oxide is black, while that of copper(I) oxide is red. The green colour you see on the Statue of Liberty is because carbon dioxide in the air reacted with the copper to produce copper(II) carbonate, which is greenish-blue.

Which salt changes from green to black on heating?

Copper carbonate

Why does your copper wiring turn black?

Copper wiring turns black due to oxidation. It is the air reacting with the metal. Copper wiring also sometimes turns green.

Why does copper turn black when it meets oxygen?

Foolish Fools!, it does infact turn Green! because the oxygen bonds with the copper to form copper oxide, wich is green, it reflects different fractions of light to the copper

How do you connect a tach on a 1998 Chevy Cavalier?

Connect the green wire to the brown striped black wire.

How does black copper oxide form?

CuCO3 + Heat --> CuO + O2 Green Copper Carbonate when heated will form Copper Oxide and Oxygen

Will pewter turn your skin green?

Pewter turns it black, Copper does turn your skin green though.

What is thermal decomposition of Copper carbonate?

when copper carbonate is heated,it changes from a green to a black powder.carbondioxide gas is given off.

Why does copper go green?

copper goes green as it is copper and Oxygen which is Copper Oxide

Why does green copper carbonate go black?

Because it undergoes thermal decomposition. If you give heat to Copper (II) carbonate, it will decompose to form Copper (II) oxide. Instead of saying green copper carbonate, I guess it is safer and better to say copper (II) carbonate.

How do you install a dimmer switch black wire red wire and green wire to some existing black and black wires?

Remove the old single pole switch. Connect the green dimmer wire to the ground wire. Now connect the black dimmer wire to the black wire that is the hot wire (wire carrying the electrical current into the box). Connect the red dimmer wire to the other black wire.

How do you wire a cook top 240V 3 wire black green red to 240V 3 wire service black white red?

Connect black to black, red to red, and white to green.

Why copper water pipes turn black?

After copper oxidizes it becomes verdigris, or green. Your pipes have just naturally changed color.

How do you install a 110 volt plug?

connect your black wires to the right side of outlet on the gold screws white wires on the left side silver screws and bare copper wire to green ground screw.

Is copper turning green in the air physical change?

The reason that copper turns green is the same reason the metal rusts, oxidization. Both metal and copper oxidize when exposed to oxygen and this is a natural process. Copper that is exposed to the outside environment is more likely to turn green and that is why copper vases and decorative pieces in gardens are often green. Copper is a metal that does not react with water (H2O), but the oxygen of the air will react slowly at room temperature to form a layer of brown-black copper oxide on copper metal which looks like green sometimes...

How can you connect Altec Lansing ADA995 speakers to your laptop?

lime green, black and yellow

What does copper and oxgyen make?

Copper oxide, which is a compound from the two elements copper and oxygen. When copper is exposed to oxygen for a long period of time, it begins turning green. The green is Copper oxide.Copper oxide can refer toCopper(I) oxide (cuprous oxide, Cu2O), a red powder;Copper(II) oxide (cupric oxide, CuO), a black powder. (Source wikipedia)

If a light green powder is heated in a test tube A gas is given off while the solid becomes black In which classification of matter does the green powder belong?

The green powder is copper (2) carbonate. When heated it decomposes to give copper (2) oxide (which is black) and carbon dioxide . It is a compound.

How do you connect a 240 v cooktop with 4 wires to a service panel with 3 wires?

The new cooktop has a 4 wire connection. Red & Black are hot. White is neutral, and green is ground. You existing panel is wired with 3 wires. Black & Red are hot and green is ground. There is no neutral wire. Connect the black to black, red to red, and then connect the white and ground together at the plug.

What happens when oygen and copper react?

You get copper (I) oxide which is red and copper (II) oxide that is black. Copper (II) oxide is more stable. In moist air it also forms copper hydroxide and copper carbonate giving the known green color.