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we can control floods by:

1. CONTOUR BUND : stones are placed across the slopes to prevent floods

2. GULLY PLUGS: stones are placed across the gullies to prevent flood.
You can place barriers on the sides of rivers and streams to try and force water to stay inside of its natural bounds, but no measure is completely effective against controlling a flood.

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The Solution of control of floods and droughts?

Control of floods and droughts.

How can you control floods?

[a] reforestation

Why should humans not control floods?

Because sometimes when humans control floods they can cause damage to nearby areas.

Which solution helps to control floods?

building control dams and levees

Dams can control these dangerous events?


What has the author Dinesh Kumar Mishra written?

Dinesh Kumar Mishra has written: 'Living with the politics of floods' -- subject(s): Floods, Floods control

How did the Mesopotamians were able to control there floods?

They controlled their floods by creating canals and lakes to help hold the water when a flood occured.

What two methods used to control annual floods?


What was built in 1956 to control Nile river floods and produce electricity?

The Aswan Dam was built in 1956 to control Nile river floods and produce electricity. The dam is located in Egypt .

What can be done to control water floods?

water floods could be controlled through installing water dams that in addition to controlling floods and droughts can also used in generating electricity.

What are the methods of that methods have been used to control floods in Bangladesh?

well they have the government for that

What natural thing in rain forests helps control floods?

tree canopy

How do estuaries help control floods?

the plants slow the ocean waters down

What have humans created to help control floods?

brigdes and basements and high things

Wetlands help control floods by absorbing what?

wetlands can control flood's by absorbing silt and mud and extra runoff and nutrients and bacteria

What is an dam?

A dam is way to control floods by putting a large wall across a river

Why floods and drought are called Natural disaster?

Floods and drought are referred to as natural disasters as they usually coincide with extreme weather conditions. Humans cannot control the weather.

Why is wetland important to people?

It helps control floods by absorbing extra runoff from heavy rains

The Boulder Canyon Project helped to control floods of the with the building of the Hoover Dam?

colorado river

The Boulder Canyon Project helped to control floods of the what with the building of the Hoover Dam?

The Colorado River.

Types of floods?

There are a great many different kinds of floods. There are floods like flash floods and floods like floods of words.

What are some important functions of wetlands?

they purify water, control floods, and are homes to many animals and plants

What was built above the Nile delta to control annual floods?

The Aswan High Dam completed in 1970.

What is the difference between flash floods and floods?

A: floods are just plain floods and flash floods are floods that happen VERY VERY fast. hence the word "flash"

What is the difference between floods and flash floods?

Flash floods are floods that are caused by a storm. Normal floods are caused by non-stop rain.

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