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How do you convert 8mm tapes to AVI?


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by scanning of recording the film on a camcorder and digitalizing the tape

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by scanning of recording the film on a camcorder and digitalizing the tape

by scanning of recording the film on a camcorder and digitalizing the tape

in tape size yes, but D8 takes all tapes, Hi8 only Hi8 and 8mm and 8mm only 8mm tapes

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yes, but some don't work in some cameras, D8 takes all, Hi8 only Hi8 and 8mm and 8mm video only 8mm tapes

No, the trv260 does not play back old 8mm and hi8 tapes. The original manual states that you can record on these tapes, but that you cannot playback Hi8 tapes that were previously recorded. And if it cant playback hi8 it cannot playback the earlier 8mm.

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Unfortunately, there are no adapters that will allow you to watch an 8MM tape on a VHS player. What you will need to look for is a camcorder that plays 8MM tapes; from there, you can easily hook up the camcorder to the television.

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avi files are actually already video files.

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