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American shoe sizes are a 1/2 size smaller

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Q: How do you convert Colombian shoe sizes to American shoe sizes?
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How do you convert Australian shoe sizes to American shoe sizes?

American shoe sizes are a 1/2 size smaller

How do you work out Gucci shoe sizes in American shoe sizes?

Convert shoe size 44 to U.S. size

How do you convert Chinese shoes from American shoe sizes?

chinese to american shoe size

How do you convert Mexican sizes to US sizes?

Mexican shoe size is 5. What is it in American?

How do you convert UK shoe sizes into American shoe sizes?

To convert UK shoe size into American shoe size for men, simply add half size. Example, UK size 5.5 is American size 6. For women, simply add 2. Example, UK size 5.5 is American size 7.5.

How do you convert American shoe sizes in to English sizes?

There are a number of excellent conversion charts available on the web that will enable you to convert most sizes.

How do you convert American shoe sizes into English?

try looking at this website it may help you

How do you convert kids shoe sizes to tennis shoe sizes?

divide by 7 and times it by 8

How do boys shoe sizes convert to mens?

Boy's shoe sizes convert to men's shoe sizes after the size 13. The way in which the feet convert is by the width and the length. The width is measured with a letter. The higher the letter in the alphabet the wider your feet. The higher the number the longer.

What is a size 9 in Australia equal to in American women's shoe size?

shoe sizes - European shoe size - American shoe sizes - international shoe sizes - British shoe sizes conversion tables for American, Australian, British, Canadian, European, Japanese, Mexican, New Zealand, Inches, Centimetres, Mondopoint metric shoe sizes. Answer: 10-1/2

How to convert Australian foot sizes to American foot size?

Australian and U.S. shoe sizes are the same for women. However, Australian shoe sizes for men are one number size smaller than the equivalent U.S. size.

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