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How do you convert pounds to tons?

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There are 2000 pounds to a ton. 2,000 pounds per ton. 1 pound = 1/2000 ton.

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How do you convert 3.5 tons to pounds?

To convert 3.5 tons to pounds you multiply the number of tons by 2000. So, 3.5 tons = 7000 pounds.

What is the conversion from pounds to tons?

Convert 6,250 pounds to tons.

How do you convert 264094.44 pounds to tons?

To convert 264094.44 pounds into tons, divide 264,094.44 by two thousand. 264094.44/2000 = 132.0472 tons

Convert to tons 9000 pounds?

9000 pounds = 4.5 short tons

Convert 3.2 tons to pounds?

3.2 short tons = 6400 pounds

Convert to tons 3800 pounds?

1.9 tons

Convert tons to pounds?

1 T = 2000 lb. So, multiply a measurement of tons by 2000 to convert it to pounds.

How do you convert 13000 pounds to tons?

Divide pounds by 2,000 to get tons. 13,000 / 2,000 = 6.5 (tons).

How do you convert tons into pounds?

To convert tons to lbs, you first have to pee on a fire that is the best way to convert.

How do you convert 14 tons into Pounds?

1 ton = 2,000 pounds2 tons = 4,000 pounds10 tons = 20,000 pounds14 tons = 28,000 pounds

Convert lbs of Mercury to tons of Mercury?

Divide pounds by 2,000 to convert to tons.

Convert to pounds 3 tons?

6000 pounds

How do you convert metric tons to pounds?

Formula: metric tons x 2,204.6 = pounds

How can you convert 10.5 tons into pounds?

10.5 short tons = 21 000 pounds

Can you convert pounds to tons?

Yes. Divide the number of pounds by 2,000. The result is the number of tons.

How do you solve tons to pounds?

One ton (short ton) is equal to 2000 pounds. Therefore, to convert tons to pounds, multiply the number by 2000. To convert from pounds to tons, divide the number by 2000. For example, 3 tons is equal to 3 x 2000 = 6000 pounds.

Which equation could be used to change pounds into tons?

( ___ pounds) * (.0005 tons/ 1 pounds) Write in the blank space the number of pounds you want to convert to tons.

How can you convert pounds into tons?

divide it by 2000

How do you convert 4000 pounds to tons?

There are 2000 pounds in 1 ton. 4000 pounds divided by 2000 pounds in 2. The answer is 2 tons.

Convert to pounds 4.3 tons?

for metric: 4.3t = 9479.87727 pounds

How do you convert pounds tons?

2000 pounds is equal to 1 ton.

How do convert tons into pounds?

Multiply the number of tons by 2,000 to get the number of pounds in it.Here's an example:1 ton = 2,000 pounds

How would you convert 6 tons into pounds?

2000 pounds in a ton.

How do you convert lbs to tons?

Divide pounds by 2,000

How do you convert 5525 pounds to tons?

Divide by 2,000

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