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Men's sizes are determined by waist size and length. For example 34x32 is a 34" waist and 32" length. Measure your waist size and leg length size (usually inseam) and that should be the men's size that will fit you, but you may have to get the garment altered a bit to fit comfortably, since women's and men's body shapes are different.

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Q: How do you convert women pant sizes to men pant sizes?
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What does a 22 women's pant size convert to in men's pants size?


How do you convert women's sizes to men's sizes?

I think women are 2 sizes bigger than men's. So a woman's 6 is a man's 4, I believe

What is a size 5 in men shoes coberted to women size?

Size 5 in men's size is about a size 7 women's. In most cases, to convert men's to women's sizes, you subtract 2 sizes from women's sizes to get the men's size, or add 2 sizes onto the men's to get a women's size. Unfortunately, this rule varies, so for a perfect fit, TRY ON THE SHOE before you buy it.

How do you convert men's ring size to women's ring size?

First, definitely no, there is no difference between men sizes and women sizes. An easy way to find your size online is to check out the related link below.

How do you convert men sizes to women sizes?

You have to go to a store and try on the clothes. Then if you want to buy on line you will have a good idea of the size to order

Are underground creepers in men sizes or women sizes?

men sizes

What size would a women's size 16 pants be in men's size?

To convert women's sizes to men's you add 21 to the size. A size 16 woman is equivilent to size 37 in men

How do you convert womens shoe sizes to inches?

Women's shoe size is two sizes less than men's. So if you have a size 7 women's shoe you have a 9-inch long foot.

What does a 38 men's pant size convert to in women's pant size?

The secret is to add 21 when going from a womans size to a mans size and subtract 21 when going the other way, so a 38 mens size will be a Womans size 16/17

What sizes are Carhartt jackets available in?

Carhartt Jackets come in Men's, and Women's sizes. Men's sizes come in Regular as well as Big & Tall sizes, while Women's sizes come in only regular. They do not offer a Petite size for women.

If you wear a size 7 in boy's shoes what would you be in girls?

To convert Women's shoe sizes to men's subtract two from the women's shoe size. So in this case 7-2 is 5. You would wear a size 5.

How are the size of clothes for men different for women?

I personally think because men and women's body's are different down were the pants go.