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By water vapour

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Q: How do you cool water by radiation convection and conduction?
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How does tea cool down and what happens?

Water is evaporated, an edothermic process; also heat is lost by conduction, radiation, convection.

How does radiation convection and conduction effect land breezes?

The air is in direct contact with the heated earth (conduction). Heat rises and is replaced by cool air, and that is when we feel a breeze (convection). The heat rising in waves is also known as radiation.

What are three ways that heat can transfer from hot objects to cool objects?

The three ways are: radiation, conduction, and convection.

What are three ways that heat transfers from hot objects to cool objects?

The three types of heat transfers are radiation, convection, and conduction.

How does hot water go from hot to cool?

Heat loss. Conduction, evaporation, and radiation.

Is what types of energy transfer is placing a mug of hot tea on the table in a cool room?

Conduction to the table, convection in the air above, radiation from the sides.

What are some examples of the first two laws of thermodynamics in everyday life?

its basicly..: convection,radiation and conduction, then examples of these in everyday life are: conduction touch the stove and being burned, radiation heat from the sun burning your face, and convection hot air rising cool air falling. wacka flocka :D

How is radiation different from conduction and convection?

Radiation does not need any material medium to be propagated. It can even pass through vacuum. Whereas the conduction and convection need the material medium in which the atoms take the important role to transfer heat from one region to the other region.Radiation can transfer energy as heat through empty space.

Do air cooled engines cool by conduction?

No, all engines cool by radiation.

Does the body use convection or radiation to cool itself?


How do radiators transfer thermal energy to your home through conduction convection and radiation?

conduction and convention is not a energy it is how energy moves and travels and warm air goes up then when it starts to cool it goes back down to cool that's why you should have insulation so heat doesn't escape. it vibrates the particles in the air this is called conduction :) hope this helps :)

Is the pattern of warm air rising and cool air sinking is known as the conduction current?

It's known as a convection current not a conduction current :)

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