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just click the right bot ton where it says copy my gutter

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Q: How do you copy glitter text to PowerPoint?
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How do you send somethin from notepad to PowerPoint?

Just Copy and Paste the text in the Notepad document. Select it all, by pressing Ctrl+A, then press Ctrl+C and open the Powerpoint slide and then press Ctrl+V. You may then need to do some formatting in Powerpoint to get the text the way you want. It is not a good idea to have too much text.

What is a text slide in PowerPoint presentation?

Text slide is an animation on text in PowerPoint. It can slide from top, button, left or right.

How do you get signs on Roller Coaster Tycoon?

You need to have PowerPoint, get an image make it fit the full size of the PowerPoint page add the text then click 'F5' for full screen then click PrtSc on your keyboard and then you have to copy it into your rct3 files

In a PowerPoint presentation outline how do you select a bulleted item and all the subordinate text?

Click and drag, from the end of the subordinate text to start of the bulleted-item text, to highlight the entire section. Then you may use Control-C to copy the entire selection to the Clipboard. Control-X will both copy the selection to the Clipboard and delete it from where it was.

Which of these is a great playground for brainstorming and producing a creative work?

animate text

What are four principles for creating effective text presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint?

what are the four principles for creating effective text presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint

How do you animate a specific text in the table but not whole table on PowerPoint 2007?

Upgrade to powerpoint 2010

What does control c do on MS office?

It copies the selected item. It works in all of the applications. So for example, it can copy text in Word, formulas in Excel, shapes in Powerpoint and so on.

How do you add a web address to a PowerPoint?

copy and paste.

How do you put animations in PowerPoint presentations?

Copy and paste

How do you copy an image to PowerPoint?

Either copy & paste, or by giving the "Insert - Image" command.

When you type text in a placeholder what does it becomes?

When you type text in a placeholder in Microsoft PowerPoint, it becomes a text object