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Under the laws of more than 160 countries, copyright is granted automatically to the author upon the event of recording a creative work of expression in a tangible form, be it paint on canvas, pixels in a digital camera, or pencil on paper.

Under USA law, since 1989 there have been no "formalities" required to obtain copyright -- prior to that the publication may have been required to be registered or marked with a copyright notice (Copyright, date, name of author). Copyright notice is optional today, but may be useful as evidence that an infringement was "willful", which is an element of a criminal copyright indictment.

Copyright ownership and priority may be easier to prove if it is registered with the Copyright Office in a person's government. The drawback is that you must pay a fee and submit a copy to have any work registered. Forms can be obtained online through the Library of Congress. A registration may also make it simpler for potential licensees to locate the proper owners of copyrights.

As a bonus, the US Copyright Office registration allows the registered copyright owner to sue for "statutory damages" in lieu of having to prove "actual" damages.

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Q: How do you copyright something?
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How can you tell if something is still under copyright law?

how can you tell if something is still under copyright law? who can be persecuted if a copyright law is broken? the copyright laws only protect works that? can facts be copyrighted?

Why is it bad to copyright?

It wouldn't be bad to copyright something, it would be bad to infringe someone else's copyright.

Is re wording something a copyright?

No, copying and pasting is copyright though.

whst is mean by copyright free?

Copyright free means that something is not protected by a copyright. This means that there are no restrictions on the use of whatever is copyright free.

Can a person be punished for removing a copyright from something and replacing it with his own notice of copyright?


Does a work need to show a copyright symbol to have copyright protection?

No. With copyright, you should assume something IS protected, until you have evidence to say otherwise. Copyright applies to something as soon as it is fixed in a tangible form. No (C) symbol is needed.

Why would someone copyright something they created?

Copyright protection is automatic, so it actually takes effort not to copyright something you create. That being said, copyright allows the creator to ascribe value do and potentially derive income from their creation.

Do you have to pay to copyright something?


Does copyright mean that you can or cannot copy something?

It depends on whether you have the right or not. If you control the copyright to something (i.e., you drew/painted/wrote it), you have the exclusive right to copy it or authorize others to do so. If you do not control the copyright, you need an exemption in the law or permission from the copyright holder.

What does copyright work?

It means that if you copy something copyright and don't give it its props (or credit) you will be sued

When is permission not required to use or copy material that is copyright?

There is something called "fair use" but this is very restricted. If stuff is copyright pay the copyright fee.

Should a work be registered in order for it to be copyrighted?

No, it should not. If you wrote something, you own the copyright on it. All you need in order to assert that copyright is proof that you wrote something.

How does copyright affect the work you do?

When you're creating something, copyright prevents you from using others' materials without permission or an exception in the law. When you've created something, copyright prevents others from using it without your permission or an exception in the law.

Who is the creator of the copyright logo?

The copyright symbol is used to showed that something is copyrighted, or protected from use. The copyright symbol was created by the United States of America, in 1909.

How do you know if something is copyrighted?

The copyrighted object or phrase will have a symbol shown as ©. The copyrighted object/phrase may also have something near it saying copyright info or just copyright signifying it has a copyright. Unfortunately, since notification is not required for protection, it's often the case that you have to assume something is protected by copyright unless you can explicitly prove otherwise.

What is the difference between copyright licensing and copyright registration?

If you register a copyright, that means you've created something and want to protect your rights to it. You can then license others to use that work. So copyright registration is saying "this is mine," and copyright licensing is saying "but you can use it."

How do you un copyright for a metro pcs samsung freeform?

There is no such thing as "un-copyright". Something is either copyrighted or not. If it is copyrighted, then the copyright eventually expires, making it public domain.

How many times a day do people copyright?

Dozens, if not hundreds. Every time you create something new, it is automatically protected by copyright. Doodle a picture of a cat, you have copyright. Take a picture with your phone, you have copyright. Record yourself making up a song, you have copyright.

Can you copyright something using your user-name?

A copyright is granted to the person that created it. A user name is not considered a proper identification of a person. You will have to use your legal name to register the copyright.

What must you do if you wish to use something which is copyright?

You need permission from the copyright holder or an exemption in the law.

How much does it cost to copyright something?

A work of sufficient originality is automatically protected by copyright as soon as it is fixed in a tangible medium.

How can copyright help a business?

A business holding a copyright on something can prevent others from abusing it, and make money by licensing its use.

How can you get copyrighted?

You need to write something original and then publish it, applying the copyright mark, the date and your name. Copyright protection is automatic.

When something says may be subject to copyright does that mean you can use it?

With permission from the copyright holder or an exemption in the law, yes. Otherwise, no.

Is copying something copyright?

No copyright prevents others to copy your work without your permission. Plagiarism is what you are thinking of. Plagiarism is illegal.