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  1. Download Skype to your computer
  2. Click the 'Create Account' button
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โˆ™ 2011-04-29 13:10:46
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Q: How do you create account on Skype?
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How do you create a Skype account?


How can you create an account on skype?

Whatcha mean....create a new account in what

How one can access Skype?

You can create a Free Skype Account!

How do you create a Skype without Facebook?

You don't need a Facebook Account to get a Skype Account!

How do you create a Skype account on your iPhone that operates in sync with the existing Skype on your laptop?

You do not create a new account on your iphone. Instead you login with your existing account that you use on your laptop. Then they will be synced.

How do you create an account in skype - you already have a download?


How do you create a Skype account on your ipad2?

There's a option when signing in.

Why cant you create a Skype account?

What error are you getting? Take a Look at Skype's Help Pages and see if you can find the Answer to your Problem There!

How do you create a new account on Skype?

Go on the skype web site (see related link) and download it. After you downloaded it, open it and under the username it says something about that you don't have a skype account so click on it.

How do you create password on Skype?

To establish Skype password first you have to create an account in skype with following instruction and if you want to change the password of skype then first you log in on skype with using the user name and password then Click on "Help" in the top menu then select "About" to find out which version of Skype you are using. After that click on file, then click on My skype account then click on change password then enter new password and click on OK to save the password.

How do you make an account on Skype on your iPod touch?

Download the app and follow the instructions to create it

Can you change your Skype name?

No you cannot. You would have to create a new account for a new name.

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