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you create lip gloss from a kit to make lip gloss from the store

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2011-03-22 21:09:09
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Q: How do you create lip gloss?
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When was lip gloss first invented?

Lip gloss was invented by Max Factor in 1930. He wanted to create a lip product that would make lips shiny and glossy for films.

What color of lip gloss is best?

Lip gloss...its practical..lip(a body part) gloss (shimmery substaince.) Lip gloss is like lipstick only lip gloss is alot thinner and makes your lips sparkly. I advise you use pink lip gloss. Its the best!

Who was the inventer of lip gloss?

Lip gloss was created in the 1930's by Max Factor. He wanted to create a product for movies that kept the lips looking shiny and moist.

How did max factor get the idea of lip gloss?

they didnt create lipgloss first

What is the best lip gloss?

Contributors have said: Nivea Kiss of Shine is the best lip gloss. Mentha Lip Tint is the best lip gloss.

What are lip gloss applicators called?

Lip gloss applicators are called just that! Lip gloss applicators - sometimes they may be called lip wands.

Can you get Chlamydia from sharing lip gloss?

You won't get chlamydia from lip gloss.

Is there a lip gloss day?

not that i know of i researched it and there is no lip gloss day.

Is lip gloss an element?

No. Lip gloss is a heterogenous mixture of chemical compounds. Lip Gloss is not its own element and does not appear on the period table.

Why is lip gloss made?

Lip gloss is made because girls need lip gloss to keep there lips from being messed up.

When was lip gloss made?

the first lip gloss ever made was in 1930.

Where do you get lil mama lip gloss?

go to then click lip gloss

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