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How do you curb the problem of snatch theft?


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residential areas should be equipped with security systems and patrols in these areas should be increased.


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Snatch theft is common in Asia and South America. It is the act of forcibly stealing from someone, in a rob-and-run fashion.

To prevent snatch theft, a person should make sure to carry their belongings close to them. They can tie their wallet to their clothing, and wrap their purses or other bags several times to prevent someone from being able to snatch them.

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Snatch theft can be prevented by not carrying something to be snatched. As a female, I never carry a purse or if I do, it has only grooming items, pens and paper, book or magazine, etc. Nothing that is not easy to replace. All of my cash and cards are in my pockets. I don't wear expensive jewelery or watches. My purses are not expensive, my electronic devices are simple and inexpensive.

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