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To cure a wisdom tooth infection, there are two options.

Option 1:

If your wisdom tooth is normal, you need to follow a course of antibiotics to get rid off the infection, and maintain oral hygiene in order to avoid getting back such infection.

Option 2:

If your wisdom tooth is impacted, first you need to follow a course of antibiotics to get rid off the infection, while maintaining oral hygiene in order to avoid getting back such infection, and then get it extracted by an oral surgeon before the impacted tooth outgrows and damages the adjacent tooth.

Tooth extraction can be done with just a local anesthesia using nitrous oxide (laughing gas ), or general anesthesia with an injection..

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Q: How do you cure a wisdom tooth infection?
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Can you get a wisdom tooth infection even if you have taken medicine?

Yes, you can. An infection in your wisdom tooth is signaled by foul taste in your mouth, bad persistance breath, pain in your teeth, headache, fever and chills (at advanced stage infection).

How can you cure tooth abscess?

A dentist will usually prescribe you antibiotics (to help reduce the infection). Then you may need the tooth removed. Which does cure the abscess.

What about air travel while on antibiotics for a wisdom tooth infection?

It's fine.

Can a n impacted wisdom tooth cause severe headaches?

if it is the source of an infection, it can

Can wisdom teeth removal cause inflammation in the lymph nodes even without infection?

I haven't yet had my wisdom tooth out, but I have had alot of pain with it. For the past few months a lymph node in my neck has been swollen. Both the dentist and the doctor has assured me that it is because of and infection in my wisdom tooth. maybe you have just got an infection from getting the tooth removed.

What if you get food trapped after a wisdom tooth extraction?

If you get food trapped in the hole where a wisdom tooth or any tooth was, be sure to rinse very well to dislodge the food. Failure to do so can cause infection and pain.

Can you get an infection months after your wisdom tooth has been pulled?

yeah!!! i got an infection...and let me tell you it hurts like hell..

How do you cure an abscesse tooth?

Go to a dentist you can get very sick from an abscessed tooth. Probably antibiotics are required to clear the infection

What is this hard painful lump near my growing wisdom tooth?

The hard painful lump near your growing wisdom tooth is probably part of the tooth. However, it could be an infection under the gums and should be checked by a dentist.

Is it normal to get a fewer when you get a wisdom tooth?

a fewer? you mean fever? ITS NOT UNCOMMON. But its a sign of infection or abcess.

What is a symptom of infection after wisdom teeth removal?

Some symptoms of infection after wisdom tooth removal can be severe pain ue to dry socket or puss draining out of whole.Im not a dr. but just from exsperiance.

What could be wrong if you have jaw pain and some ear pain but no tooth pain?

It could very well be a wisdom tooth trying to cut. When a wisdom tooth begins to cut, it can move several teeth in the process and cause some jaw pain. The ear pain could be drainage if a wisdom tooth is cutting. A few painkillers are your best bet to help the pain, or you could opt to have the wisdom teeth removed surgically. It could also be a sinus infection or infection in a root tooth. A dentist's x-ray is the best plan.

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