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You can curl your hair using curlers. You can also wash your hair then plait it into small braids then, when your hair is dry, take out the plaits and you are done.

If you want to use a curling iron, you mouse your hair with any kind of mouse and then you make sure the iron is hot. Grab a piece of hair about 1/2 of an inch thick, or just one inch...Grab it with your curling iron and twist in. IF you want spirals, release the hair veritically. If you want just regular curls, unwrap the iron the same way that you wrapped it. *If you want less-bouncy curls, use a bigger iron, if you want very active curls, use a smaller one......... Realy hope this helps♥

This is what I did to my hair and it came out very nice

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2012-03-10 20:16:07
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Q: How do you curl your hair?
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How do you curl your hair if it is natural stright?

you just curl it however you want you dont need to have curly hair to curl your hair its actually sometimes easier to curl your hair if your hair is straight

Is there a hair product that can curl your hair?

YES there is it is curl your hiar shampoo or just curl your hair with an flatt iron

How do you curl hair with a straightner?

You can watch how to curl your hair with a straightner by typing in how to curl hair with straightners on video jug.

Can you curl premium human hair?

yes you can curl premium hair

Is there certain hair that wont curl?

Long, thick hair does not curl well. If it does curl, the weight of the hair pulls down the curl very quickly, within an hour or two.

Can you curl your hair with straiteners?

Yes u can curl ur hair with a straightner. Look on Youtube and there are tutorials to curl hair with straightner I did it its awesome

How do you culr your hair?

you curl your hair with curlers, or put rollers in your hair and it can curl it, or you can use flat irons.

How do you curl your hair with a Straightner and paper?

first of all you curl the paper then curl it on your hair then you get the straightener and just heat it up.

How do you curl boys hair?

send them to get a perm or if they have long hair just curl it .. lol :)

How do you use the word curl in a sentence?

"i had to curl my hair."

What is a good sentence for curl?

My hair is starting to curl.

How can you make a judy moody curl?

You cut a piece of hair and curl it.Pin it to your hair with a bobbly hair pin.

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