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You have to have the HM cut. You earn the ability to use HMs when you defeat a gym leader, but the gym leader does not give you the HM. You find them seperately somewhere in the game.

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Q: How do you cut down trees in Pokemon soul silver?
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How do you cut the trees in Pokemon soul silver and when does it ask?

When your in a forest and you catch 2 farfech'd for the man he gives you the TM headbutt which can knock down trees.

Where can you find the Pokemon burmy in Pokemon soul silver?

Headbutt trees on route 38

What is the best Pokemon you can get by headbutting trees in Soul Silver?


How do you get the move flamethrower that can burn down trees in soul silver?

you can't

Where can you find apricorns in Pokemon HeartGold and soul silver?

you can find them anywhere they are in apricorn trees that you can click on

Where do you find a pineco in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Pinceco can be found in the trees. You must have a Pokemon that knows headbutt to have a chance to knock one out of the trees. They are common in the Ilex Forest.

Can you trade Pokemon Black to soul-silver?

No but you can Transfer Pokemon from Soul-Silver to Pokemon Black.

How do you headbutt trees in Pokemon platinum?

You cannot headbutt trees in any game except for Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver. You must teach a Pokemon TM 2 in GSC, or teach a Pokemon Headbutt from the Move Tutor in HGSS.

How do you go to Ilex Forest in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you go to azalea town then go through trees.

How do you make the shaking trees go way in soul silver?

go up to them and click a then you will be in a pokemon battel

How many Pokemon are in soul silver?

According to there are 493 Pokemon in Soul Silver.

How do you catch Kyogre in Pokemon soul silver?

sorry you have to trade it to Pokemon soul silver

How do you Get heatran in Pokemon Soul silver?

no you can not get it in pokemon soul silver but you can by trading from someone who has got heatan

Where do you get Darkrai in Pokemon soul silver?

You can't get darkrai in Pokemon soul silver or heart gold

Is Pokemon soul silver on the Game Boy?

no but Pokemon silver is

Should you get Pokemon Soul Silver?

Soul silver is AWESOMENESS!! yes GET IT

In Pokemon soul silver if you use headbutt on a tree will the tree fall down?

no , if you get luckey you might a Pokemon might fall out

Where is the Pokemon contest on Pokemon soul sivler?

You can't do Pokemon contests in Pokemon soul silver.

What is Pokemon SoulSilver version about?

Why Soul Silver is about the original Pokemon Silver game for game boy. Soul Silver has some more bonuses.

How do you get a Roselia in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you have to trade it from diamond to soul silver and you can't actually catch Roselia wild in Pokemon soul silver.

What is the Pokemon set after platinum arceus?

pokemon heart gold and soul silver. and heart gold and soul silver legends

How do you get the blue orb in Pokemon soul silver?

You can only get the blue orb in Pokemon Soul Silver. You can't get it in Heart Gold.

Where do you find Ditto in Pokemon soul silver?

Ditto is found at Routes 34 , 35 and 47 in Pokemon soul silver

How do you get a silver apricorn in Pokemon soul silver?

There is no Silver Apricorn...

What do you do with the silver wing i n Pokemon soul silver?

go to whirl island and talk to the man on the third floor down then you can go past him

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