How do you deal with a mean opponent in tennis?

You're playing a tennis match and your opponent is yelling, stomping their feet, throwing their racquet. They are being immature and may be even saying mean things to you. Many times your opponent is trying to intimidate you into losing to them. Don't let this happen. It is imperative to not let their tantrums affect your game. First, don't show any emotion. Do not show any reaction to their tantrums. Ignore them and focus on the ball. Do not smile and definitely do not talk to them. They want to remove your focus from the game. Sportsmanship does not require you to chat with them during the match. Silence can be your best friend. Watch out for the player that whines to you about their "injuries". Some players say this because they want you to feel sorry for them. It is a sad fact, but some players have even been known to fake injuries and will even wear knee braces for example. Their injuries are their problems. Don't ease up your game at all. If they were really hurt, they shouldn't be out on the tennis court in the first place. Watch the pace of the game as your opponent may try to direct the pace of the game by making it slower of faster. Remember to take time between points to calm your nerves. Play with your racquet strings or find some habit you can do that will help sooth your nerves.