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How do you deal with a narcissist who is dying of cancer?

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Just be there for them. *There goes that word again "narcissist" and it's often unfair to label some people in this way. A person can be egotistical, a perfectionist or a plain pain in the neck, but it doesn't make them a Narcissist. Having a problem such as this just put yourself in this person's shoes. How would you feel knowing you are dying? It's terrifying to some and to others it's a blessing. No one in their right mind would be in a good mood over wondering when they are going to die, how much pain they will endure and they always have some hope way in the back of their mind that some miracle cure could come at anytime. Also, many people dying from different diseases really can't believe they are going to die. As the other poster said, just be there for this person. It's going to be a long and hard road for you, but remember, you have a life ahead of you and this person doesn't.

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