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How do you decide between two choices?

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List out the advantages and disadvantages of each option for short, mid and long-term. Evaluate the advantages/disadvantages of each option against your goals. Talk with others about your options and advtanges/disadvantages to determine if you've overlooked any. Determine what you "gut" instinct is telling you to do. Make decision and don't look back.

2006-08-18 00:22:46
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Q: How do you decide between two choices?
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What is the philosophical term for having to decide between two equally bad choices?

Its called choosing the lesser of two evils. Both choices are bad but one has to be better than the other.

Why do choices have an opportunity cost?

If it is a choice, then you are deciding between two or more options. The opportunity cost of whatever you decide means you have chosen the best option, with the next best option foregone.

What does either mean?

it is the word put between two choices.

If you keep changing your mind between two choices you're?


The term for keep changing your mind between two choices is what?

Vacillate or waver.

How do you decide distance between two concrete columns?


How do you decide between two job offers?

The best way to decide between two different job offers is to way your options. Determine your needs and choose the company that best meets your needs.

Which of these numbers is placed between two odd numbers?

On the list of choices posted with the question, there is nothing that could be placed between two odd numbers.

Is earth or venus closer to the earth?

. . the closest between those two choices is . . . Earth.

How do you spell decise?

There are three related words : DECIDE - to make a choice DECISION - a choice between options DECISIVE - able to make choices, or an important decision

What does the idiom 'make up your mind' mean?

To make up your mind means to make a decision. You hear this when someone is having a hard time deciding between choices. You would say "make up your mind!" if they can't decide between two outfits, or which meal to choose in a restaurant. If you are the one who cannot decide, you could say "I can't make up my mind."

What the difference between select and choose on the computer?

Select is when you pick choices and choose is to pick between choices.

Which branch has the power to decide controversies between two or more states?

the judicial branch

What will be your future?

Only you can decide that by what you do. To a great extent our choices shape our future and how we react decides what we do. Yes, there are forces out of our control, but for the most part we make our choices.

Which has a higher pitch between a tuba and French horn?

Of those two choices, the horn is the higher-pitched instrument.

How do you decide between the two men you love?

The feeling they felt while doing something or the other.

What is an example of a win-win situation?

If its between two ppl it means you both benefit somehow. If its between two choices it means either way you'll get something positive out of the outcome.

How do you decide between two identical jobs?

which environment is better, which boss you would enjoy better to work with

I have to decide between two refrigerators sharp or Toshiba which brand do you recommend me. thanks?

Toshiba Definitely

What is the grammatical difference between among and between?

Among, which is a preposition, means: SURROUNDED BY - 'a house among the trees.' Between, also a preposition, means in the space or time SEPARATING - 'There is a distance of 10 feet betweeen the trees.' 2. The preposition "between" is used when two elements are at play whereas "among" is used when there are more than two. Ex.: "Decide between you and John". "Decide among the three of you".

How do you use the word either in a sentence?

Put it in between two choices like so: "I was either going to live or die,her choice"

Will your boyfriend and you have kids?

This a question that is between you and your boyfriend and only you two can decide this. I suggust that you and him talk it over. Good Luck!

Who is prettier between cho or Ginny?

That is up to you to decide, you may want to compare the two actress who played them in the films.

How do you decide when to compare numbers using ratios rather by finding the difference of the two numbers?

Finding the difference between two numbers involves rationalising them

What choices did the judge give Stanley?

what two choices did the judge give stanley