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an electric charge seas up an electric field in it's exerts force upon any charges which arrives in this field region.the force will be stronger when the field intensity is higher

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What is the formula for electric field intensity?

Electric field intensity= force/charge

What is the electric field intensity at the center of a loop?

electric field intensity is zero at the center of the loop

What is the Relationship between electric field intensity and power?

Intensity=|E|2 where, E=Electric field amplitude.Power=|Intensity|*Area

What is Electric field intensity's?

Electric field intensity is the force experienced by a unit positive charge in another charge's electric field.

Difference between electric field and electric field intensity.?

They are different names for the same thing!

What represent the surface integral of electric field intensity?

Electric flux.

What is the different between electric force and electric field?

Electric field due to a charge is the space around the charge in which any other charge experience a force of attraction or repulsion. Whereas, electric force is the electric field intensity and is defined as the force on a unit positive charge at any point in an electric field is the electric field intensity E at that point.

Is electric field intensity a vector quanity?

Yes, it is.

Electric quadrupole and intensity of electric field?

Yes, yes, go on. What is your question ?

Is the electric intensity at any two points in a uniform electric field equal?

Yes. That's what "uniform electric field" means.

How does electric field intensity form?

due electrostatic force

What is the unit of electric field intensity?

The electric intensity is the force on a unit positive charge placed at that point in the field. Its unit is Newtons per coulomb(N/C) or Volts per meter (V/m).

How are the field lines related to the intensity of an electric field?

Quite simply, the more field lines per unit area, the greater the field density. More field lines equates to a greater field intensity. It's that simple.

What is the unit electric field intensity?

Newton / coulomb, or the equivalent volt / meter.

Can electric field intensity be a scalar quantity?

No,because electric field (force/charge) is a vector quantity, i.e. , it has both magnitude as well as direction.

What do you mean by electric flux in electrostatics?

Under an electric field, magnitude and direction of electric intensity is different in every point.If the electric intensity can be defined through a closed line (direction of electric intensity will be along the tangent of any point of that line)this is called electric lines of force. Electric lines of forces passing through an closed electric surface perpendicularly, is called electric flux.

What is Electric field intensity due to an infinite uniformly uncharged conducting plate?

The electric field, in this case, would be the same, no matter how far you go from the plate.

Why should electric field intensity be perpendicular to the surface of a charged conductor?

becos if there is electric field along the tangential line the charges will move to the another place

Is the electric field intensity the same throughout the space surrounding a magnet?

No. It is strongest at the poles.

What distinguish electric field intensity from electric potential stating the unit of each?

Electric Field Intensity also simply referred to as the Electric Field is a vector quantity with the units (V/m) (Volts per meter) Symbol: E (Boldface to represent a vector)Electric Potential is a scalar quantity with units V (Volts). Also sometimes referred to as Voltage when dealing with the difference between two points. Symbol: V (non-bolded to represent a scalar)The relationship between the two is:The Electric Field Intensity E is equal to the negative of the gradient of V.

What is the abbr for electric intensity?

The abbreviation for electric intensity is " I " the intensity is measured in amps using an ammeter.

What is the SI unit of electric field intensity?

The s.i. unit of efi is coulomb/metre sq.

Why electric line of force never cross each other?

The direction of electric intensity at a point in an electric field is along the direction of the tangent at that point. The electric field at a point is the resultant of the fields created by two charges.Therefore at a point electric intensity has only one direction.Therefore no two lines can cross each other.(By Maawa Khalid contact e

Define electric potential?

The work to be done to bring a unit positive electric charge from infinity to the given in an electric field is known as the electric potential at that point.

What best describes electric field lines?

Electric field lines show lines of uniform strength of the electric field. On a map for example you see lines which show uniform height and you can deduce gradients and hence find hills. Electric field lines show the same thing but instead of height of the ground it shows intensity of the field.

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