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Q: How do you defuse bomb in Reverb 2?
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How do you delay bomb in reverb 2?


How do you disable the bomb in reverb the game part 2?

You can't

How long does it take to defuse the bomb in CoDGhosts?

To defuse or plant a bomb in Call of Duty Ghosts, it will take 5.5 seconds.

How do you defuse a bomb in crossfire?

you defuse a bomb in Crossfire, by using the default set key "P" while you are next to the bomb. Improvement: No , you hold "E" while beside a bomb .

If you are playing stratego what conquers a bomb?

The Miner can defuse a bomb.

How do you defuse the bomb in the impossible test?


What press in kos defuse the bomb?


How to defuse bomb in counter strike condition zero?

To defuse the bomb as a Counter-Terrorist, walk up to the bomb, look at it, and press and hold the interact key (default is "e").

Miss fire or slight hessitation?

trying to defuse a bomb

How do you defuse an atomic bomb?

that would depend on its fusing system.

How do you defuse a fission bomb?

Roughly the same way you would defuse a similar conventional military bomb. It is only after it is defused that the issue of handling the special nuclear materials comes up.

Can you win cs by being ct and not rescing all hostages?

just kill all terrorists..or if its a bomb defuse map go camp behind some crate at the bomb site and once the ts are gone go defuse the bomb.