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try looking in the instruction book-if it doesnt say anything about it you probably cant...if you dont have the thing then i guess you are screwed

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Q: How do you delete your pokedex in Pokemon pinball for Game Boy color?
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How do you change the color of your trainer card in Pokemon Pearl?

by getting the national pokedex.

What do you after you get all 150 Pokemon on the pokedex?

Go to professor rowan's lab and he will give you the national pokedex, having ALL Pokemon in it and he will give you the mission to catch ALL Pokemon! Your trainer card will turn a color, too.

How do you complete pokedex on Pokemon Blue?

You can complete the pokedex on Pokemon Blue version by trading with you friend who has Pokemon Red version. Or you could do what I do and get two gameboy color's and multiple Pokemon games because none of my friends play Pokemon anyomore; even though it is one of the best games of all time =).

How do you delete Pokemon pinball for Game Boy color?

Hold Up, Right, Select, and Start at the same time before the screen that says something like "(c) '95 - '99 Nintendo." Then press A to erase all data or B to cancel it.

What location is latios in?

Beat the Elite Four, then go to your mom, and watch the TV downstairs. It will show Latios/Latias or a BZZT color. If you have a BZZT color, then pick which pokemon. Go to your pokedex and search for your legendary pokemon.

How do you delete a book from the nook color?

You need to go to and delete it from your account. When it synchs it will delete it from your nook color.

What is the national pokedex number for Wormadam?

Wormadam is #413 in the national pokedex, and it can be either a Bug-Grass, a Bug-Ground, or a Bug-Steel type Pokemon depending on the color you have (Green: Grass, Yellow: Ground, Pink: Steel).

How much would legend of Zelda Super Mario Land Tetris and or Pokemon Pinball for original Game Boy Color be worth?

I would say about $50 on eBay but elsewhere i dunno

What color acorn do you need to get a gs ball on Pokemon silver?

It doesn't come from an acorn, you have to complete the entire Pokedex and then go see Kurt, he will give it to you.

Pokemon silver- what happens when you complete the pokedex?

You get a Diploma from the game designer from inside the game (Celadon city in one of the buildings), you can print out the diploma if you have a game boy color printer and professor Oak says your pokedex is complete. That is all to it. Nothing special.

How do you delete a Pokemon saved game in the old versions?

in the gameboy color games you just start a new game and save over the old one

After you deafet the Pokemon league on Pokemon Diamond what can you do?

After you defeat the Pokemon league, you will start back to your room back home. You're mom has a message for you, and its from your rival. Your mom give you a ticket to a place once you have obtain the upgraded national pokedex, but first, you must complete the original pokedex. You've probaly have seen 149 out of 150 Pokemon total in your pokedex. If you don't, look for the missing Pokemon. Now, if you end up with 149 Pokemon, you need 1 more Pokemon to go. If you have Daimond, you need to see Palkia. For Pearl, you must see Dialga in order to complete your pokedex. Don't know how? The problem could be easily solved. Once you have 149 Pokemon, talk to the professor's assistant Lucas/Dawn. He'll/She'll tell you to talk to Cynthia's Grandmother. Once you reach Cynthia's grandmother's, she'll tell you a tale of Palkia(Daimond) or Dialga(Pearl). With that, you'll get your pokedex completed with 150 Pokemon total! Once you did that, head back to Sandgem town and talk to Professor Rowan. He'll give you a warm congratz. Then Professor Oak; the professor from the Kanto region, will have a surprising visit to the lab and will also be inpressed with your hard working effort. Professor Oak had known Professor Rowan very well and are also good friends. Anyways, Professor Oak will upgrade your pokedex to the National Pokedex. That means there's more Pokemon for you to discover, catch, and train than those 150 Pokemon you've seen or collected in your original pokedex. Now that your pokedex is upgraded, you can now use that ticket to head off to a new place you have never been before. That new place is filled with new Pokemon which can help you a lot with the National Pokedex. Also, there are 6 new legendary and rare Pokemon you can catch after you have defeated the Pokemon League. 3 Pokemon can be caught in the game, and the other 3 needs a special requirement in order for you to catch them. If you want to catch or see new Pokemon, you can migrate Pokemon into Pokemon diamond and pearl. I predict Migrate means to exchange. If you have any game boy games, (besides game boy color) you can migrate Pokemon in the game you have and have it in Pokemon Daimond and Pearl. To find those migrated Pokemon, head to Pal Park which is in route 221(or 211) and catch those migrated Pokemon which can be added to the National Pokedex. There's a lot of things you can do once you defeat the Pokemon league.'re welcome!

What is cloyster the Pokemon?

cloyster is an water-ice type Pokemon his pokedex color is :purple he is 13 years old his pre evolved evoulution of him shellder is 4 years old his friend gastly are both very mishteve. And watch out he is very sneaky!

What are shiny Pokemon?

ummmm...... Well there Pokemon just different colors... and they are rare to find. You'll know if you found one because it will have a different color (it may be a faint difference) And there will be glitter that poofs up after you hear its call. I can give you a link that shows the entire pokedex and you can search Pokemon to make it faster. It has everything you can think about Pokemon (stat wise and moves....etc.) And you can see the shiny forms! Hazaa! click pokedex on the left side in the menu. ^-^

What is the difference between a shiny Pokemon and a normal Pokemon?

Color Color

What does a shiny Pokemon do?

The only difference between a shiny and non-shiny Pokemon is color. A shiny Pokemon is a different color than it usually would be and when you encounter one, at the beginning of the battle stars sparkle around it. There are no difference in the stats, but shiny Pokemon are more rare than regular ones. The chances of finding a shiny Pokemon is 1/8,192. Also, when you catch one there is a red star on its stats page and the pokedex number shows up in red.

What Pokemon can you get in platinum?

If I have been told correctly, you can get any and all Pokemon starting from the GameBoy Color Games.all 493 and there all the same as pearl and diamond but you may change shaymin to skyforme but isn't recorded onpokedex giratina to origin form not recorded on pokedex and rotom washining machine microwave fan lawn mowa all not recoreded on pokedex so no change really

Can i change a pokemon's color of skin?

No, only by luck will you get a Pokemon with an alternate color.

What is the action replay code that lets you cantrol the color of the Pokemon when you put in the shiny Pokemon code on Pokemon pearl?

There isn't a code to control their color, each Pokemon only get's two colors, their normal color, and the shiny color. I know the shiny code.

How do you delete books from a Nook color?

Goto Barnes& and login. Go to My Nook Library and you can delete books there.

Is Pokemon Red for Game Boy Color?

Pokemon Red is not specifically for the Game Boy Color, but you can play it on a Game Boy Color console. Pokemon Red was originally released for the Game Boy along with Pokemon Blue.

Pokemon platinum how do you get in Pal Park?

after you get the national pokedex, you need to insert a GBA game like firered or leafgreen, in the start menu, you choose migrate from GBA or migrate from "choose the color of the game (leafgreen, firered, ruby,...)". Then you choose six Pokemon from the GBA game, you'll transfer them to platinum. Carrying these Pokemon, you'll be able to enter pal park and catch Pokemon in various locations.

What happens after you complete the national pokedex in soul silver?

not much your pokegear turns a different color

Can you trade gold to sapphire?

No you can't because gold version is for gameboy color and sapphire is for game boy advance or game boy advance SP. But you can catch some Johto Pokemon at the safari zone in emerald after you beat the Pokemon league. you can get the Johto starters if you complete the Hoenn pokedex. Hope I helped.

Can you get Latios and Latias in Pokemon Platinum?

You have to beat the Elite 4 on SAPPHIRE or RUBY and when you go downstairs your mother will tell you to come look on the news and it will mention that there was a sighting of a "flying Pokemon". She will ask you what color this Pokemon was, and if you say red, the Pokemon will be LATIAS, if you say blue, the Pokemon will be LATIOS. Roam around in the bushes (it may take a while) then you will eventually find LATIAS or LATIOS but every time you switch routes they will move to a different spot but after you encounter it for the first time it will apear on your pokedex and to see where it is you can just click AREA on your pokedex. I recomend that you either use a masterball or a Pokemon that can use a move to hold latias or latios because it will flee. hope i helped :) evang9