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You cannot design a true Zen garden any more than you can set out rules to be spontaneous. Like many aspects of Zen it comes from an instantaneous appreciation of the whole. The Zen approach would be to contemplate the location where you suspect a garden might be situated, until you can see it in your mind, then place the plants, rocks and sand where the plants, rocks, and sand exist in your vision of the garden.

Alternately you can build a Western interpretation of a Zen garden (see link) which will have the appearance of the garden without the spirit of it.

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Q: How do you design a Japanese Zen garden?
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What is the difference between Japanese rock garden and zen garden?

There isn't a difference, but Japanese rock garden is the translated way of "karensui". Zen garden is the western way of saying it.

Why is a Japanese rock garden important to Zen Buddhism?

it taught meditation

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What is a Zen garden?

A "Zen Garden" typically refers to a minimalist garden of rocks and gravel arranged to permit the observer to slip into a meditative state without the diversion of a plethora of detail. In reality a "Zen Garden" or, for that matter Zen Cup of Coffee, Zen Desk, Zen Bus Ride, is anything or event which you can contemplate, without thinking, to become aware of it as itself and part of you, neither and both.

What is a sentence for zen?

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Do Zen gardens play any role in Zen Buddhism?

There is sitting meditation. There is walking meditation. There is the Zen garden, and other Zen practice pursuits (archery, tea cerimony, calligraphy, painting, chanting...) Eventually, we have reverence for all of existence. On our way: There is sitting meditation. There is walking meditation. There is the Zen garden... The Zen garden is used to represent the simplicity and the harmony of life. Zen priests are also used by Zen priests to improve the concentration while by raking the garden.