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Most elements are metals. If you've identified your element, go to the Periodic Table and have a look see. A link is provided to the Wikipedia periodic table, and by looking at it, you can see what is and what isn't. All elements in Group 1 through Group 12 (inclusive) are metals. Group 1 is the alkalai metals, and Group 2 is the alkalai earth metals. Group 3 through Group 12 (inclusive) are the transition metals. The poor metals include those that are left, and they are aluminum, gallium, indium, thallium, tin, lead and bismuth. Note that hydrogen isn't a metal, though it is in Group 1. Note that the periodic table is interactive, and by going to any element's symbol you can link to the Wikipedia article on that element. Why not bookmark the Wikipedia periodic table? You'll quickly be able to find some particulars on any element. And by looking at it now and again, you'll get a feel for the chemistry of some of the elements. This handy tool can really give you a jump on figuring out how chemistry works and why things are the way they are and why they work the way they do.

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How do you determine if an object is metal?

if the element donates electrons then it is called a metal. eg. sodium, iron,etc.

What properties unique to metals are used to determine whether an element is a metal or nonmetal?

the name

What characteristics of an element determine its place in the table?

mass and whether or not it's a metal. also how volatile it is

What element is metal?

Metal is not an element. It is a term used to classify an element, but it is not an element.

Is the element vanadium a metal or nonmetal?

The element Vanadium is a metal .

Is copper metal a mixture or an element?

Copper metal is an element.

What are the good metal in s block element?

a metal element

Is carbon element of metal?

Carbon is an element. It is a non metal

Is sodium metal element or compound?

Sodium is a chemical element.

How can you determine if an element is reactive or not?

To determine if an element is reactive or not you must test it.

Is element K an metal?

element K is potassium and yes it is a metal.

What does it mean when something is referred to as a heavier element?

A heavy element is an element that based on the amount of metal that is in the element. Some can base the description of a heavier metal on the number of atoms but it is the amount of metal in the element.

What makes an element a heavy metal?

You can't change an element into another element, but the heaviest metal is tungsten.

What is an element if it is not a metal?

An element that is not a metal is a non-metal (e.g. carbon) or inert gas (e.g. Argon).

Is metal a element or compound?

It is a element

Is sodium metal an element compound homogeneous or heterogeneous?

Sodium metal is an element.

Is a metal an element?

Metals are a class of elements. A pure metal is an element. Some metals are alloys, which mean they have more than one metal or element in them. The metal bronze is made of two elements, the metal tin and the metal copper.

Is titanium Metal or Metalloid or Nonmetal?

Titanium (Ti) is a metal. It is a d-block element / transition metal element.

Element 66 is it metal nonmetal?

Element 66 (Dysprosium) is NOT a non-metal it is a rare earth metal, it is a solid

How do oxidation numbers determine if an element is a metal or a nonmetal?

Generally, metals attain positive oxidation numbers only. Non metals can have either positive or negative oxidation states. If an oxidation number is a negative value, it can be deduced that it's a non metal element.

Is the element neon a metal or non-metal?

A non-metal

Is element 117 a metal or non-metal?

It is a non-metal.

What are two kinds of metal?

Metal (music) - doom and thrash Metal (element) - uranium and gold Metal (type of element) - alkali and transition

The metal element that carries oxygen in the blood?

The metal element that carries oxygen is iron.

Why is gold an element?

It is one pure metal with no other types of metal in it. This makes it an element.