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How do you determine percentages in stats such as batting average and ERA?


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Batting average is hits divided by at bats (hits + outs + reached on error).

ERA is earned runs divided by innings pitched, then multiplied by nine (in other words, the average number of earned runs given up over nine innings).

For more info: baseball-almanac

reaching on error counts as an out so. Remember BB(walks), sac bunts, sac flies and HPB do not count as plate appearences.


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divide the number of wins by the number of games played and you have the winning percentage.

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about .280 batting average with about 15 home runs and 65 RBI's

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Babe Ruth had a career batting average of .342. In 1923 he had a career high average of .393 for more stats see Related Links below.

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146 home runs 362 batting average and 506 RBIs am only 9 years old!

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It means Batting Average Against. It is used to show what opposing hitters are hitting off of a particular pitcher. For example, Randy Johnson had a .197 BAA in the 2004 season. That means opposing hitters had a .197 batting average against him that season.

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