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Settings > General > Network > Data Roaming Off

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โˆ™ 2009-04-02 16:14:31
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Q: How do you disable international data roaming on the iPhone?
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How can you prevent iPhone from roaming?

You enter a wrong APN under settings-general-network-cellular data network (ver 2.0 to current 2.2)

Can you disable Internet from a iPhone without taking off text and phone?

Yes.Go to settingsClick on GeneralGo to networkTurn cellular data off (or something similar to that):)

Does walmart family mobile charge for data roaming?

yes they do unless you add their roaming plan

Is roaming free on iPhone while abroad connected to a wi-fi connection?

I live in the UK and im on holiday in America. I set my data roaming to the off position but it seems you cant connect to wifi when its like this (even though it see's the wireless signal). So ive set data roaming to on and it works I just have to hope I don't lose the wifi signal and it go onto 3g cause my bill would be massive!

I have a 4G LTE cell phone from Verizon. Can I get service in St.Thomas and Antigua?

You will get service, but not 4G LTE speed for data. You will also need to check on the cost of international roaming.

What is roaming app data?

Windows has the Roaming folder for application specific data, sort of like custom applications such as a game, which are machine independent and should roam with the user profile.

What is data roaming?

When data from your current provider is not available, your phone will probably search for another carrier programmed to work on your phone. When the phone picks up another data service that is not your provider, this is called 'data roaming'. Please note that depending on your carrier, you may be charged with data roaming charges. Check with your service provider for more details. Please avoid it unless you are sure about its cost.

What is the meaning of roaming data?

Roaming data means collecting a network or signal from another network provider other than the original signal provider. This is generally used when someone is in abroad.

Can you add an iphone line to your unlimited data plan on ATT?

The iPhone data plan is a requirement and this plan is $15.00/month for the DataPlus 200MB for iPhone or $25.00/month for the DataPro 2GB for iPhone, in addition to your voice plan and other features that you may choose. AT&T frequently runs a sweep of all of its accounts and if it finds an account with an iPhone and the iPhone data plan is not on the account they are adding it, no questions asked. Here is what AT&T says on their web site ... Please note: Data plan for iPhone is required for the life of your iPhone service and cannot be removed in the future. Data Plan for iPhone includes unlimited data in the U.S. Access rich HTML email and desktop-level web browsing, as well as Visual Voicemail to listen to voicemail messages in any order you choose. Please note: AT&T is Apple's exclusive carrier partner for iPhone in the United States. An eligible data plan for iPhone is required. This data plan covers data usage in the United States and does not cover international data usage and charges. If AT&T determines that you are using an iPhone on your account without an eligible data plan, AT&T reserves the right to add an eligible data plan to your account and bill you the appropriate monthly fee.

Would my iPhone data erase when you update your iPhone?

Actually, It doesnt. 'Cause its the purpose of backing up the data. After the update, Your iphone will restore then it will put back your old data.

How do you transfer iPhone files?

If you are looking how to transfer iPhone data and files then there is nothing to get worried because it has become very easy to transfer iPhone data and files. With iPhone transfer software it is easy to transfer iPhone data and files like contacts, messages, photos etc.

When does one receive roaming charges?

One receives roaming charges when the extension of connection is different from the registered location. One will usually receive data roaming from the phone service provider.

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