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As a general rule, they are not made to be disassembled

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Q: How do you dismantle a HA-117 airsoft pistol?
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Pistol that comes with the mossberg m590 airsoft?

It is called the Mossberg 45 Pistol.

Beretta 92FS Ultra Airsoft Pistol?


How do you unclog an airsoft pistol?

Needs to be looked at by a professional

What is a good electric airsoft pistol?

marui AEP's.

Where can you find a Luger airsoft pistol? for canada

Does the UHC 1911 Spring Airsoft pistol have a lot of recoil and weight?

If it is a spring pistol it won't have any recoil. According to the specifications, the UHC 1911 Spring Airsoft pistol has an unloaded weight of 1.25 pounds.

Should you lubricate a spring airsoft pistol?

Yes, any airsoft weapon should be lubricated properly.

Which plastic bbs can you use for the daisy powerline 15XT air pistol?

NONE, it is NOT an AirSoft pistol. It is a real BB pistol.

What does a airsoft pistel look like?

A airsoft pistol, or handgun, looks almost if not exactly whatever gun it is modeled after.

Should you get an airsoft spring pistol or a gas pistol as a side arm?

Definitely a gas pistol, You don't have to cock it between each shot

I have Bb rifle for airsoft wars Should I have a Pistol for backup?

I would. But get a good one. Airsoft pistols are bad to jam.

Do you want to keep your CO2 in your airsoft pistol after a battle?

no it will ruin your gun if you do