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you can do that by chance.

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Q: How do you do a 360 in NBA Live 08 for PC?
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How do get NBA live 08 for PC?

buy it.

What is the website for NBA live 2009 in PC?

= What is the website for NBA live 2009 in PC? =

How do you use go-to moves in NBA live 08 PC?

Get all your info on

Will there be a NBA Live 2010 for PC?

According to Wikipedia there will be no release of NBA Live 10 for PC users... shame :|

Download NBA 09 PC?

the nba 09 fer PC has been cancelled by the nba live production company

How do you throw the ball and hit the big screens in the slam dunk contest on NBA live 08 for psp?

Same to same my Problem But in PC.

Playing nba live 2003 PC with joystick?


Can NBA live 09 work with emulator on PC?

no it cant

Will there be a nba 2k13 for play station 2?

No the game is for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, & PSP

Does a windows live game go in the xbox 360 or computer?

There are for PC.

Can you download NBA live 2006 on PC legally?

No, you must buy the game

Can games for windows live be played on the Xbox 360?

No, games for windows can only be played on a windows PC. It might be possible to buy the 360 version of a PC game though.