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== == As for laws and regulations, visit the GA Department of Insurance website. Performing the search depends on the county you are doing the search in, they may have the records available electronically and on-line. If you are looking for a "handbook" on how to search title, a title searcher/examiner is not something that is simply learned overnight. Abstracting is complex and needs to be thorough since the search is the backbone of the title insurance. If a searcher misses a chain of title, defect, judgment, etc. then that error can effect the insurablity of title. Most searchers new to the industry work with a seasoned professional to mentor them through the process until they gain sufficient experience to be accepted by an agency.

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Q: How do you do a title search in Georgia?
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In the state of Georgia how far back does a Real estate title search go?

99 years

Does Georgia title need to be notarized?

It is not needed in Georgia

Do you have to have a title for four wheeler in Georgia?

No Georgia does not issue a title for an off road ATV or 4 wheeler.

Is Georgia a lien theory state or a title theory state?

Georgia is a title theory state. The title of the mortgaged premises remains in the lender until the debt is paid.

What is a Bad Title?

A bad title is when you dont type anything into the search or when you type something invalid into your search.

Is a title search done after a will?

A title search may also be required to fulfill the terms of a will in distributing property

Where would I do a motorcycle title search?

The ADD123 website allows users to do a motorcycle title search. Your local DMV is also able to do a motorcycle title search. All that is required is the VIN number.

How do you find out what liens you have against your home?

Do a title search. you can do this with a title search company or if you have time search public records down at city hall yourself

How do you search for a song title within iTunes?

In the top-right corner, there is a search box that will search title data, as well as artist, album, etc

Is a title search needed for a building permit?

A title search may also be required to obtain a building permit

Can you transfer a truck title into your name without a valid Georgia driver's license in Georgia?

yes Georgia does smell

Is Georgia a title holding state?


How do you do a title search in the District of Columbia?

A title search for a deed to a house can be done at a title abstract office in the District of Columbia. There is a charge for this service. A title search for a vehicle can be done at any Department of Motor Vehicles office in the District of Columbia. If a new title is asked for there is also a charge for this service.

How much does a title search cost?

AnswerTitle Search costs vary per title company. When comparing costs with different title companies, be sure to compare the TOTAL costs, instead of just comparing title search fee vs. title search fee. A lot of companies have miscellaneous fees that another company may not have.what is the range of costThe cost of a title search varies largely on the company and property involved. The purchasing party can expect to pay somewhere on the magnitude of several hundred dollars to a few thousand.

How do you find homeowner name of a title on property?

Property title search

How do you get a preliminary title report if you are not using an agent?

Hire a title company to do a title abstract (search).

How do you get a title search done?

All of the title insurance underwriter as well as many many title agencies have websites that can direct you to a local agency in your state/county/community. Simply keyword into your web browser: title insurance search, title insurance, or title insurance companies. Many title insurance underwriters and agencies will pop up. A title search or Report on Title is a search and compilation of filed public records. A title insurance POLICY insures against acts & deeds of previous owners up until the time you take title/deed to the property.

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How do you get a title when the person you bought it from never had the original title transferred?

You will need to request a "Title Search" from the DMV

Where can you get a free property title search?

By going to your county recorder's office and doing a title search yourself. Title examiners do not work for free. See the related question link provided below.

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How do you get documentation that estate does not have a lien on it?

Do a title search.

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